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Earn Your Free |BEST|dom 3D [v0.02]

In Thirty Days, players are given a lot of interactivity and freedom in how they experience the game. It's your choice whether to play the role of an Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, or Family Friend for a month while hanging out with two adorable...

Earn Your Freedom 3D [v0.02]

If you represent an organization, such as a business or school, that utilizes Enterprise and Developer Products from Microsoft, please see the Enterprise and developer products section of this privacy statement to learn how we process your data. If you are an end user of a Microsoft product or a Microsoft account provided by your organization, please see the Products provided by your organization and the Microsoft account sections for more information.

If your organization, such as your employer, school, or service provider, provides you with access to and is administering your use of Microsoft products, contact your organization to learn more about how to access and control your personal data.

Local Shared Objects or "Flash cookies." Websites that use Adobe Flash technologies can use Local Shared Objects or "Flash cookies" to store data on your computer. To learn how to manage or block Flash cookies, go to the Flash Player help page.

The ads that you see may also be selected based on other information learned about you over time using demographic data, location data, search queries, interests and favorites, usage data from our products and sites, and the information we collect about you from the sites and apps of our advertisers and partners. We refer to these ads as "personalized advertising" in this statement. For example, if you view gaming content on, you may see offers for games on Microsoft Start. To provide personalized advertising, we combine cookies placed on your device using information that we collect (such as IP address) when your browser interacts with our websites. If you opt out of receiving personalized advertising, data associated with these cookies will not be used.

When we post changes to this statement, we will revise the "last updated" date at the top of the statement and describe the changes on the Change history page. If there are material changes to the statement, such as a change to the purposes of processing of personal data that is not consistent with the purpose for which it was originally collected, we will notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes before they take effect or by directly sending you a notification. We encourage you to periodically review this privacy statement to learn how Microsoft is protecting your information.

When you conduct a search, or use a feature of a Bing-powered experience that involves conducting a search or entering a command on your behalf, Microsoft will collect the searches or commands you provide (which may be in the form of text, voice data, or an image), along with your IP address, location, the unique identifiers contained in our cookies or similar technologies, the time and date of your search, and your browser configuration. For example, if you use Bing voice-enabled services, your voice input and performance data associated with the speech functionality will be sent to Microsoft. To learn more about how Microsoft manages your voice data, see Speech recognition technologies. And, if you use Bing image-enabled services, the image you provide will be sent to Microsoft. When you use Bing-powered experiences, such as Bing Lookup to search a particular word or phrase within a webpage or document, that word or phrase is sent to Bing along with some surrounding content in order to provide contextually relevant search results.

Microsoft Edge uses data from your search activity across the web, including search activity on websites Microsoft does not own or operate, to improve Microsoft services like Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Bing, and Microsoft News. The data Microsoft Edge collects may include personal data; however, Microsoft Edge takes steps to scrub and de-identify the data. Microsoft Edge does not use this data to personalize or provide ads for you. You can turn off the collection of this data at any time in the browser settings. Learn more about Search results data for product improvement.

You may also opt in to share your language, typing data, and/or voice clips for the purposes of improving Microsoft products and services. Depending on the opt-ins you choose, SwiftKey may send short snippets of data about what and how you type and/or your voice clips, and related correction data to our servers for processing. These text snippets and/or voice clips are used in various automated processes to validate that our prediction services are working correctly and to make product improvements. To preserve your privacy, SwiftKey Services de-identify these text snippets, and even if you have a SwiftKey Account, these text snippets and/or voice clips will not be linked to it. To learn more about how Microsoft manages your voice data, see Speech recognition technologies.

Tailored experiences include suggestions on how to customize and optimize Windows, as well as ads and recommendations for Microsoft and third-party products and services, features, apps, and hardware for your Windows experiences. For example, to help you get the most out of your device, we may tell you about features you may not know about or that are new. If you are having a problem with your Windows device, you may be offered a solution. You may be offered a chance to customize your lock screen with pictures, or to be shown more pictures of the kind you like, or fewer of the ones you do not. If you stream movies in your browser, you may be recommended an app from the Microsoft Store that streams more efficiently. Or, if you are running out of space on your hard drive, Windows may recommend you try OneDrive or purchase hardware to gain more space. Learn more about tailored experiences in Windows.

When you submit feedback to Microsoft about a problem or add more details to a problem, diagnostic data will be sent to Microsoft to improve Microsoft products and services. Depending on your Diagnostic data settings in the Diagnostics & feedback section of the Windows settings app, Feedback Hub will either send diagnostic data automatically or you will have the option to send it to Microsoft at the time you provide feedback. Based on the category chosen when submitting feedback, there may be additional personal data collected that helps to further troubleshoot issues; for example, location related information when submitting feedback about location services or gaze related information when submitting feedback on Mixed Reality. Microsoft may also share your feedback along with the data collected when you submit your feedback with Microsoft partners (such as a device manufacturer, or firmware developer) to help them troubleshoot products and services that work with Windows and other Microsoft products and services. Learn more about diagnostic data in Windows.

When you use cloud-based speech recognition technologies from Microsoft, whether enabled by the Online speech recognition setting or when you interact with HoloLens or voice typing, Microsoft collects and uses your voice recordings to provide the speech recognition service by creating a text transcription of the spoken words in the voice data. Microsoft will not store, sample, or listen to your voice recordings without your permission. To learn more about how Microsoft manages your voice data, see Speech recognition technologies.

You can turn off online speech recognition at any time. This will stop any apps that rely on the Online speech recognition setting from sending your voice data to Microsoft. If you are using a HoloLens or Windows Mixed Reality headset, you can also turn off device-based speech recognition at any time. This will stop the device from listening for your voice input. Learn more about speech recognition in Windows.

Voice typing. In Windows 11, dictation has been updated and renamed as voice typing. Voice typing may use both device-based and online speech recognition technologies to power its speech-to-text transcription service. You can also choose to contribute voice clips to help improve voice typing. If you choose not to contribute voice clips, you can still use voice typing. You can change your selection anytime in the voice typing settings. Microsoft will not store, sample, or listen to your voice recordings without your permission. Learn more about Microsoft and your voice data.

Cortana can assist you with your web browsing in Microsoft Edge with features such as Ask Cortana. You can disable Cortana assistance in Microsoft Edge at any time in Microsoft Edge Settings. To learn more about how Cortana uses data and how you can control that, go to the Cortana section of this privacy statement.

When enabled in the Photos legacy app, your groupings will be stored on your device for as long as you choose to keep the groupings or the photos or videos. If the People setting is turned on, there will be a prompt to allow the Photos legacy app to continue to permit facial groupings after three years of non-interaction with the Photos legacy app. At any time, you can go to the Settings page in the Photos legacy app to turn the People setting on or off. Turning the feature off will remove facial grouping data from the Photos legacy app but will not remove your photos or videos. Learn more about the Photos legacy app and facial grouping.

Windows Search lets you search your stuff and the web from one place. If you choose to use Windows Search to search "your stuff," it will provide results for items on your personal OneDrive, your OneDrive for Business if so enabled, other cloud storage providers to the extent supported by those third-party providers, and on your device. If you choose to use Windows Search to search the web, or get search suggestions with Windows Search, your search results will be powered by Bing and we will use your search query as described in the Bing section of this privacy statement. Learn more about search in Windows. 041b061a72


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