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Katy Perry Prism Mp3 Download Zip WORK

A perfect example of the quality of Perrys music, Old Fashioned is a subtle piece of music which perfectly compliments its lyrics as it simply charts the well-known, torrid love affair between Katy and British composer and musician John Mayer. Its a romantic composition that perfectly suits her own style, with haunting and sensual lyrics that float through the air like a summer's day, making for a quiet, contemplative song which continues to grow on repeated listens.

Katy Perry Prism Mp3 Download Zip

It took two years, but the final chapter of the Prism saga is here in the form of The Prismatic World Tour Live. The Prism tour was launched in March 2012 and went on to become a worldwide phenomenon, and Perry premiered eight new songs from Prism on her jaunt around the world. Built around the idea of multimedia, the tour featured a mixture of live music, projections, costume changes, video screens and dance performances, as the grand scale of the production highlights the breadth of the Prism album. The DVD serves up a healthy chunk of Katy Perry live show footage, and is a must-have for every Perry fan.

One of Katy Perrys most famous hits, Part Of Me saw a transformation in its accompanying video, with Perry slowly transforming herself from a small, thoughtful figure in a hospital bed, into the gorgeous character seen at the end of the clip. The video for Part Of Me was a slow and emotional ride for the audience, and fans will be thrilled with the stunning final product.

Katy Perry is the second highest-selling female artist in the world, and stands in front of the likes of Billie Jean and Beatles , but her achievements are what make her unique. Her music is arguably more accessible than her contemporaries, her songs carry a generous smile and her choice of style is almost always appropriate.


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