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Iku Iku Succubus =LINK= Free Download

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Iku Iku Succubus Free Download

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Ruk belongs to the Orcus clan, a type of swine succubi who are by far the most esteemed throughout the Succubus Kingdom. She's relatively carefree, a bit of an airhead, and is very curious about the kinds of food the Human Realm has to offer. She has a habit of frequently sharing pictures of whatever she's eating on the Succubus Kingdom's one social media network, Incugram. Ruk is generally friendly and kindhearted, but naively believes Lima is not deserving of the position she's in, and though not out of spite, she will speak ill of Lima at times. She also considers humans to be inferior beings to succubi, but that belief as well, is not one of malice. Her body is pleasantly plump, and her features are gentle--if not maternal. She speaks in a refined manner befitting of someone with such a dignified--albeit sheltered--background, but much of what she says is either foolish or downright silly.

Ico belongs to the Bicorn clan, a type of horned-beast succubi known for their radical militancy. She's something of a delinquent and considers all things men to be a complete waste of time. She was raised being told things like "a modest succubus is no succubus," or "marriage is not in a succubus' vocabulary," etc. However, this ideology so thoroughly drilled into her only spurred her rebellious spirit, and she wants nothing more than to remain a faithful woman to whoever she ends up with. But the Succubus Kingdom is anything but faithful. In fact, the very concept of devotion is something of a taboo. Her golden-skinned burly body, menacing looks, vulgar and hostile manner of speaking, and abnormally large, spear-like horns make her stand out among other succubi.

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