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Kolhapur Type Weir Pdf Download [EXCLUSIVE]

This type of bandhara is constructed to raise the level on the upstream side and is mostly constructed in the Kolhapur district and water can be diverted through a canal on both sides of the bank. It will act as a fully open weir and it comprises several piers with holes or groves in that where needles can be added. Needles are added across the piers to gain a required height of the weir.

kolhapur type weir pdf download


Bandhara irrigation scheme is a special type of irrigation scheme in some parts of Maharashtra. it comes under a minor irrigation scheme where the weir is constructed on the upstream side across the small river or stream with help of diversion weir serves water to an isolated area on its around 5km through the small canal. Canals will take off the water for irrigation from both sides of the bank on the upstream side. where the weir is constructed with brick, stone masonry, or concrete.

If a rectangular weir without end contractions is selected as the weir type, the channel banks must be such that they can allow for breather tubes to be installed at both banks. These tubes allow air to circulate between the downstream face of the weir plate and the underside of the nappe (body of water passing over the weir crest).


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