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Chinese Chess Elephant Game: Download] [License]

a person who is attracted to members of a particular race may be called a racist or a racial bigot. a racial stereotype is a preconceived mental image (or stereotype), and is usually a simplification that is based on a limited view of a group of people. the most common view of people of a particular race is usually based on their appearance. this stereotype is a type of prejudice or discrimination. some prejudice is justified if it is based on past experiences and data, and may be healthy in helping one get along in a particular society. however, when this prejudice becomes too strongly held, it may become a prejudice which has negative effects on others.

Chinese Chess Elephant Game: Download] [License]


there is no word to designate people who are attracted to people of a different sex. stereotypically, people of different sexes have different activities, pursuits, and roles. however, these characteristics are not considered innate, and they are not universally accepted in any society.

the game started gaining popularity in china in the 16th century, and takes its name from the indian chess game of the same name. in the modern era, it has become extremely popular in china, where, as per tradition, is played with 120 ivory elephants instead of the 10 depicted in the western version.

in the chinese version, the playing pieces may be divided in two distinct categories: soldiers, which must cross the river; and elephants, which may cross the river. i should also mention that with the chinese game, the elephant plays the same role as the bishop in european chess, the elephant is used to designate a certain area of the board, and it can move along any line of the board in the way that a bishop, but it can only move one cell. the elephant can move only in the direction of two cells and the cell in the direction of only two cells. so, all the aspects mentioned above are the same as the western version of the game. in the main board, the piece is represented as an elephant, which has a small trunk (a pair of hands) and legs, and with a body as big as a six. the game is to capture the opponents' pieces. in the small board, the piece is represented by two elephants sitting on a tree trunk, the smaller one sitting at the upper left with its trunk pointing down. it's the main elephants that represent the western elephant, and the smaller elephants that represent the chinese elephants. but the two elephants are completely different. because it's smaller, and the tiny elephant appears sitting comfortably on the top of a big trunk.


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