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One Piece Episode 50

This episode was first streamed on Rustage's Twitch, and the VOD can be found here! It was later uploaded to Rustage's second YouTube Channel, which can be found here! As well as being posted as a Podcast, which can be found here!

One Piece Episode 50


The Summary for this episode can be found here! This consists of a summary of the episode, a TL:DR for the episode, the story impact of the episode, characters in the episode and quotes of the episode.

This episode begins with the Yorozuya discussing the unsteady future of Gintama, followed by a collection of trailers as the characters of Gintama brainstorm boosters for to kickstart the second year:

While I'm Watching:Ok, a new intro. Has much better animation and the songs better too. Ok, so the town is called Loguetown. Everyone wants to go to their own thing, and Luffy runs off. Nami tries on a bunch of clothes, only to not buy any of them. Sanji sees the woman from before and of course, being Sanji, he just has to meet her. Usopp goes into a trinket store, that pretty obviously sells fakes. Really, a captain who smokes and is called "Captain Smoker"? One of his men tells him about Luffy. By the way he carries the cigars I'm guessing it has something to do with how he fights. Some little girl spills ice cream on him. But he just gives her a gold piece and leaves. Huh, a Marine commander who isn't a complete asshole. Except that the townfolk refer to him as a monster. I wonder exactly how the Marines were able to capture Gold Roger. Zoro can't buy his swords because he has no money , and Nami gives worse interest rates than a loan shark. He then sees some girl win a swordfight against two guys. And she looks and sounds like Kuina. Luffy finds some bar called the Gold Roger. It's empty though. The owner tells some stories about Gold Roger. Apparently in the past the Grand Line was a type of Bermuda Triangle. He says that no one in Loguetown is a true pirate anymore, only for Luffy to tell him his dream. He offers Luffy some milk. And Smoker walks in. And it seems that Smoker can control his smoke. He tells of the day when Gold Roger was executed. Some heckler in the crowd asks about the one piece, so Roger gives the line he did in the first opening. Smoker then sees Luffy's wanted poster. Oh my god the shot of Luffy looking at the platform was only like 15% done.

Afterthoughts: A great episode, lots of plot, and a good buildup to whatever the subplots are going to be. So far it's Luffy and Smoker, Sanji and the woman, and Zoro and not Kuina. Nami and Usopp were doing their own thing as well, but it didn't really matter what they were doing. At least it looked that way.

Afterthoughts: Okay, this was a great episode, at least the Zoro part was. Because, who actually cares about whether or not Luffy stands on that platform. Also, the introduction of cool swords is always awesome in my book. Just hope they can be as cool as the 7 swords of the Mist.

While I'm Watching: Ok, so Buggy, the woman who is probably the ugly one from the first episode,Smoker, and Tashiki(?) all go to Luffy, now that he's announced very loudly where he is.(What an idiot counter: 12) The woman shows up and stuns everyone in the crowd, men and women. Oh shit! I was right! ( Weightwatchers really is a great program) And now she's a masochist? Well, at least now she's actually being serious when she has people call her the most beautiful woman in the East Blue. She uses the power of sexy to stop the Marines.Ok, she ate a Devil Fruit, and now all attacks just fly off of her and made her beautiful?( Find out this one weird fruit to lose weight fast!) Ok, so Buggy tries threatening Luffy, but even if Luffy wasn't unable to take threats seriously, he wouldn't be threatening. Nami and Sanji fell something strange happening. Smoker is preparing to defeat all the pirates in the area.( He might actually be an interesting villain, since he's a Marine, and not a complete asshole to his men like Morgan) his plan is to wait for Luffy to die, then take on Buggy and Alvida. Wow, Luffy actually seems afraid now that Buggy's got him trapped. Nami and Usopp are trying to get to the Town Square as fast as possible. Mohji finds the Going Merry , and decides to burn it so they can't escape. That's smart. Lol, Luffy pretends to be sorry to Buggy. Then he yells about his nearly unattainable dream again. Luckily Sanji and Zoro show up to rescue Luffy. Zoro puts his legendary swords to good use. He decides to destroy the platform to save Luffy. Wow. Are you fucking kidding me. Luffy doesn't die because a lightning bolt hits Buggy's sword. In all of the unlikliest things to happen, that was the most unlikely. At least Sanji recognizes that. Smoker orders his men to start attacking. Smoker starts reflecting on how Luffy smiled before his near death like Gold Roger. They all start trying to get to the Going Merry.

One Piece is a mammoth of an anime. With over 1000 episodes, it can be a pretty daunting task to begin viewing the series. Like any long-running anime, however, the story has filler episodes and arcs that pad the overall length. One Piece has over 100 filler episodes, or about 10 percent of the whole series.

A filler is an episode or arc in which nothing happens to affect the overarching story. There is no character development, no returning characters outside the main cast, and it is usually considered non-canon. Fillers occur when the anime's story has come close to or caught up with the manga, so the studio needs to stall time to wait for further chapters to be published. These episodes can't progress the plot because they are not written by the mangaka, and therefore do not know where the story is heading.

With so many episodes, it's hard to tell which One Piece episodes are fillers and which aren't. Some episodes occur inside canon arcs, while other times entire arcs are themselves filler. Here's a list of every filler episode in the One Piece anime, as of March 2023.

Over the 366 episodes that aired in the original run of Bleach, around 164 are fillers -- that's almost 45% of the entire series. Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden on the other hand, had 205 fillers over their 500 episodes, approximately 41% of the show. One Piece has clearly limited its filler count compared to other big shonen series, keeping the main plot moving forward without much deviation.

One Piece Episode 590 is a crossover with Toriko and Dragon Ball Z. There's a massive tournament, a fight between the three protagonists over meat, and a final combo attack to beat the villain. It's like something a kid would dream up with his action figures, just pure fun. This is the second of a two-part event -- the first episode is Toriko Episode 99, titled "Run, Strongest Team! Toriko, Luffy and Goku!"

Two pieces of theme music are used for the season. The opening themes are "We Go!" (ウィーゴー!, Wī Gō!) performed by Hiroshi Kitadani, used up until episode 590,[2][3] and "Hands Up!" performed by Kōta Shinzato (新里 宏太, Shinzato Kōta) for the rest of the season. When the season originally aired "Hands Up!" was not used by Funimation in its simulcast due to licensing issues with the record label. These licensing issues were later resolved and Funimation restored the song for its original release.

Carol, along with her father, are absent from the One Piece manga storyline. However, they were part of the Loguetown Arc, but were dropped so Oda could start off the adventure in Chapter 100. However, they are both featured in the Loguetown filler episodes and the Loguetown Novel. There are differences between these two versions and both Daddy and Carol have varied appearances.

Also in need of some rest and relaxation is Asta, who's broken both of his arms and gets to spend the episode dual-weilding a pair of slings. It's a really funny visual, but more so I really appreciate the scene where he and Yami pay their respects to Vetto's corpse. Vetto was by far the show's most effective villain yet, and he isn't simply knocked-out or imprisoned. He's straight-up dead, and it's not without recognizing that there's some kind of injustice at the heart of the Clover Kingdom giving birth to villains like the Eye of the Midnight Sun. I thought the extraordinarily entertaining fight was enough to warrant a moment of silence, but the show offers Vetto sincere sympathy for the ambiguous despair he's been carrying throughout his life.

Providing things pan out the way they did in the first half of Attack on Titan season 3, we can expect Attack on Titan episode 50 to launch on Sunday, April 28 at 10:35 AM Pacific/1:35 PM Eastern on Crunchyroll.

Despite the Funimation and Crunchyroll split, you can still find Attack on Titan episode 50 on FunimationNOW as well as Crunchyroll. Thankfully, no one gets precedent as Funimation members get the show at the exact same time: 10:35 AM Pacific/1:35 PM Eastern/6:35 PM BST.

With over 1,000 episodes to watch, not to mention the various films, specials, OVAs and shorts that are also available, it can be a pretty daunting task in working out how to watch One Piece in order.

In total, you could stay up for two weeks straight and still not have time to binge through this entire saga of over 100 episodes. And that doesn't even include the upcoming One Piece live-action adaptation. In comparison, watching Dragon Ball in order would be significantly quicker, with just over 600 episodes.

As there are over 1,000 episodes to watch, you might be tempted to jump in at a later starting point, but to really enjoy the full experience properly, we do recommend starting at the very beginning and watching One Piece in chronological order.

Alternatively, you could just skip the following filler episodes, instead. While the arcs mentioned above don't add much to the One Piece storyline and canon, they are still entertaining. However, these episodes are slightly different. Anime often use episodes to recap past adventures and give the animators a chance to breathe, so you're not really missing out if these particular episodes don't make it onto your watchlist. Here's a look at the One Piece filler episodes: 041b061a72


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