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Phir Bewafaai Full Movie 1080p Hd: Where to Find and Download This Heartbreaking Movie Online

The name of the film is "Bewafaai", starring Dhadim and Rima Pandit in lead roles. The story revolves around two sisters who live with their mother but two years ago they lost their father and the mother died due to cancer. They both live a bit of a difficult life after their father died. Meenu (Rima Pandit) is very young and she loves her daughters a lot, and her daughter is also very beautiful. Her husband (Akshay Saxena) is only interested in his business and his family and that is why he has an affair with his secretary. Dhadim (Akshay Saxena) also is very selfish and in love with his friend's daughter. He is an influential lawyer in Bombay and he keeps on lying to his wife and mother in law and also to his friend's daughter. The mother in law has never liked Dhadim and he doesn't even have time to go and meet her daughter. He is busy with his work and also with his love. He even doesn't know that his wife is looking for a divorce, because he is only concerned about his career. He won't even talk to his father in law. Meenu's husband is totally opposite to her. Since he is so busy with his professional career, he sees her and his daughter as a bother and trouble to him, and he is not at all worried about his wife and daughter. One day Meenu tells him that she is going to divorce him, and when he says that he will not allow her to do this, she tells him that she is going to elope with her friend. At this time her husband comes along and hears this. He is shocked and both of them argue. Meenu threatens that she is going to keep their daughters with her and that when he comes he will be sorry for all the sins he will do. Her husband goes to his boss and asks him to give him a transfer. This way he can keep on getting leave and time. He asks her to stay calm and go home. He also tells her that he will talk to his colleague and get him to transfer him. Meenu also tells him that she is going to go to Bombay. He tries to take the keys and tries to stop her. Meenu says that she can take the taxi also and he can give them to his colleague. To which he replies: "Nahi, nahi.. Tehzeebi h karo.. peechi... i am going to Bombay, saare Parwaan Se... and as soon as I get there, all this divorce nonsense will be over. So now you better be calm and go home...!" Meenu is very shocked, and her husband tries to keep her calm and asks her to do what she wants to do, and to return soon.

Phir Bewafaai Full Movie 1080p Hd


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