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Rachel finds out Shelby is her mother when she recognizes her voice after Shelby sings Funny Girl at Carmel High's auditorium while spying a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal. Shelby later meets with Rachel and says they should "be grateful for one another from afar," saying she is Rachel's mother, but not her mom also stating that she regrets not meeting her after she was born.

also available here come enjoy starts leaving school with farewell from other club members when gets home hears voice calling

Rachel is first seen in the episode as she walks with Kurt down a New York street. Rachel discusses the students in her class and how she tried to approach them nicely, but they were incredibly rude. One of them insults Rachel about her outfit and the other one which Rachel nicknames "Black Swan" mocks Rachel. The scene then cuts to Rachel and Kurt in their apartment as they eat Pizza and drink. Rachel says she was excited to come to New York because she thought it was a chance for her to start over, but instead she had no idea it would be exactly the same. Kurt comments that she's only exactly the same cause she's still dressing exactly the same. Rachel then says she doesn't know what Kurt expects her to do because it's not like she can afford an entire wardrobe. Rachel looks up a bit confused, when Kurt asks her to follow him as he has an "idea." Rachel then states that it's almost midnight. Kurt replies by saying that it could change both of their lives. Rachel, still confused, looks at Kurt.Afterwards, a camera is seen watching Kurt and Rachel at's HQ. Rachel is so excited she wants Kurt to snap a picture of her. Rachel prances around as she squeals with Kurt. Kurt uses a card to open a door as they both step through. Lights open around the room, revealing many clothes. Rachel is in awe, Kurt surprised.All of a sudden, from the back, someone shouts "FREEZE." The voice is familiar, but not to Rachel as she turns around quickly. Isabelle and two bodyguards are there. Kurt questions that he thought Isabelle was out, but she explains they cancelled that. Rachel introduces herself really quickly as Kurt says they were going to do a music video for the Vogue website. Rachel chimes in saying that Kurt adores Isabelle as Isabelle watches them both. Kurt says they'll do a makeover and Rachel will be the model. Isabelle then smiles and stops them saying, that they had her at makeover. The two guards then walk away as Isabelle shuts the door and the music to The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed. Isabelle smiles as the camera goes on and she starts singing. She holds a cane as Rachel and Kurt watch with pure excitement. Isabelle throws the cane towards Kurt as he catches it. Isabelle goes around as she grabs various clothes and dresses for Rachel. Rachel then sits down on a chair in front of a mirror as Kurt and Isabelle begin to give her a makeover. Kurt and Isabelle continually grab clothes and they express their opinions with their facial expressions. Rachel then gets up and sings along with them. As Rachel goes through a dressing set, she is seen in beautiful dresses, Kurt and Isabelle admiring them. Rachel is placed on a chair towards the ending of the song, as she watches Kurt and Isabelle dance playfully.At the end of the performance, Rachel is in a large, brown dress as she does another turn and is seen in makeup, different hairstyle and dressed up.

She places the disc into the drive and the music to A Change Would Do You Good starts. Rachel starts off the song as she points her finger, begging for Brody to come along. They sing together and dance in the room with sexy moves. Brody then sings along as he pulls Rachel and they run out of a building to the New York City streets. The scene is then a montage to different things that the two do in New York City. The songs ends in the NYADA classroom as Brody holds Rachel against his body. The two are about to kiss when Brody says that the performance was amazing and brings her back up. Rachel then questions what Brody is doing tomorrow night for Rachel wants to cook him dinner.As she cooks, she turns up the heat on the stove, but suddenly her pan goes alight with fire and she screams. She throws water, but the fire only spreads further. She then gets alcohol and then pours it all over the fire and she groans, upset that she has failed a recipe. There is a knock and Brody shows up with flowers for Rachel. He compliments her again on her clothing choice. Rachel and Brody are then sitting on the floor and she says that she really wanted to cook him dinner, but she points to the food saying that's what she got out of it, having to buy Pizza instead. Brody comments how a girl has never cooked him dinner before, Rachel saying she doesn't believe him. Rachel then says that she's trying new things and these new things are all part of the new Rachel. They talk and Brody asks Rachel to talk about this old Rachel and a secret that she doesn't want anyone else to know, Rachel agrees to do so, but says Brody should go first and the secret should be good. Brody then says that as a kid, he was obsessed with Ace of Base to which Rachel laughs. He asks what Rachel's secret is. She tells him that when she was eight, she got her first love letter. She then corrected all the grammatical and spelling errors and gave it back to him. She says it's embarrassing and that she never told anyone that before, not even Finn. Brody says that no matter how lovely this date is, he's hands off, just friends. They both stare at each other, but even with Brody's comment, they kiss multiple times as Brody goes on top of Rachel.

After Blaine reveals and admits something, it leaves both Kurt and Blaine in tears, then Finn begins singing Don't Speak. Rachel watches Finn walk away as Blaine begins to sing, watching Kurt walk away. Rachel stands behind, distraught. Then after Blaine sings, Rachel and Kurt walk together, singing their lines as the pairs follow each other. As Finn stands near a fountain, Rachel walks towards him. But when Finn turns, he faces her once again, walking away, disappointed. Blaine and Kurt sing near the fountain together too, before Kurt leaves, Blaine and Rachel left at the fountain. The scene cuts as Finn and Kurt sing at their New York City apartment. Rachel and Blaine join them later. The four sing, all four of them, upset, guilty, sad, angry and distraught altogether. At the end, the couples face away from each other as they lay in bed, turning off the lights without speaking to each other before bed, just as the songs title says. Rachel has tears running down her eyes and interestingly still seems to be wearing make-up, not following her usual intricate face washing routine, as she is the last one to close the lamp near her.Rachel is mentioned once again when Finn is back at McKinley. Will explains that Rachel has been worrying about Finn. But Finn has ignores that and says it's so good to see Mr. Schue. Then Finn asks if he can talk to him about something, and that's when Finn hugs him and breaks down emotionally. It's towards the end of the episode when Rachel is seen again. In the auditorium, Finn is looking through sheet music on the stage when Rachel walks onto the stage, surprising Finn.She talks about their first date here on the stage and also where they first met. She asks if he remembers it, and Finn nods. Rachel crosses her arms as she walks over to the center stage and says this place is kind of their Jerusalem, because all roads just seem to lead them back here. She says she went to his house, the tire shop, but she would've imagined that he would be here though. His voice fades as he walks to the stands. Finn apologizes for not calling Rachel, but says he needed time to think. Rachel tells Finn that she hated him for leaving her at the train station, sending her off to New York. Finn tries to argue back to say he was trying to help. Rachel tells Finn she loves him, but she can't do this anymore.

Rachel tells Brody she's landed her first off-Broadway audition, but Cassandra warns her from her own experience that the director will eat her alive - she doesn't think Rachel's been hurt enough in life to make the cut. Determined, Rachel encourages Cassandra to try out too, "to get back in the game." Cassandra offers Brody a teaching assistant position, and he accepts but puts off starting until after he can help Rachel preparing her audition.Rachel and Kurt are doing stretches together in an empty NYADA classroom. Kurt can't believe Rachel is doing an audition for "The Glass Menagerie." Rachel comments on Iven's work on musicals as Kurt lets out a large stretch, saying released as Rachel lets go. Rachel gets up excited when learns about the school musical, but says that they're not going to see it. Behind her, Cassandra enters, asking, what they're not going to see. Kurt introduces himself and her question. Rachel gives a frown as she looks at Kurt. Cassandra tells Rachel that she needs to go, since Rachel and Kurt are both not over their ex-s, it's an opportunity for closure. When Rachel says that she does have closure, she raises her eyes and suggests that they should go. Rachel and Kurt give each other stares and Kurt says that he's going asking Rachel to come because he can't do it alone. Rachel says that even though they both might want to go, they both don't have the money for it because Kurt's an intern and Rachel spent all of her money on her last trip home. Cassandra then says she can give them her flyer vouchers because she can't use them. Rachel looks at Rachel and tells her not to go if she doesn't want to, but Cassandra thinks Rachel will regret missing it. Rachel seriously contemplates her decision as the scene changes.

Rachel and Kurt are seen in New York when Rachel tells Kurt that she didn't get casted in The Glass Menagerie. She tells Kurt that the NYADA showcase is this week so she's really working hard for it. Kurt talks about his NYADA application with Rachel. After this, Rachel discusses that they should stay in New York for the weekend and that they don't have to go back to Lima because they have a show or because it's a long weekend. Kurt agrees although it's Sectionals and all their friends are there and he also misses his dad. Rachel says she misses her dads too, but she feels sad when she goes home and that even though she and Kurt no longer have their boyfriends, they still have their dreams and ambition. Kurt says that they have each other, to which Rachel hugs him, saying he's the only significant other she needs in her life. They decide to forget about their boyfriends and Rachel forgets about Brody too since they're in the greatest city. She promises Kurt that they'll have the best Thanksgiving ever. They pinky promise as the scene closes. 041b061a72


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