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[S4E8] The Hunters

Axikor's men search for John tier by tier, as on Command Rygel asks who these people are. "Your captor," is Axikor's reply. Rygel says it's only temporary, and Axikor says not to prolong this, and for them to tell John to come to Command. "Tell him yourself!" is D'Argo's response. Axikor says that the longer this lasts the more likely it is that one of them will be dead. Aeryn tells him there's no chance that they'll cooperate. As John stops in a conduit above to listen in, Axikor threatens D'Argo with a knife, mentioning how entertaining it would be for him to use it on D'Argo. He then opens a comms and tells John that if he comes now, they won't be harmed, "but if you resist, we'll take it out on your shipmates," and he provides Aeryn with a bit of pain through her handcuffs. One of his men tells him that nothing of their ship can be salvaged, but Axikor says using a transport would make them a prime target for other bounty hunters. The alien says he'll contact the command carrier to have them picked up, but Axikor refutes that too, saying they'll contact Grayza only when they've captured Crichton. John sniffs more of the drug, and one of the men seems to hear the heavy breathing. As everyone remains silent, D'Argo realizes what is going on. "Aeryn," he says, "you know, I think we should negotiate." She looks back blankly. "No, I really think we should negotiate," he says. She cottons on and she, D'Argo and Rygel begin rambling in their native tongues. Axikor calls for silence, and the other bounty hunter says it's no good, John's gone, but Axikor points out that now they know he's in the ducts. He refutes a suggestion to follow John up there, and says they'll draw him out. Axikor sends his men to search, then turns to Rygel and asks which one of the crew John cares for most. Rygel says "me, of course," but Axikor seems to read his thoughts that suggest Aeryn first, probably Chiana next. Axikor asks where he'll go now. "Center chamber for a nice, hot raslak," Rygel replies, but thinks that John will go to his quarters for weapons and the shield belt, then head for Pilot's den. Axikor tells his men what Rygel's thoughts suggest and to secure Pilot's den.

[S4E8] The Hunters

Chiana asks if Sikozu can distract them by running up the wall or something, but she can't in the handcuffs. She is about to present an argument for letting them go, but Chiana instead tries to entice one of the hunters. "If I wanted you, I'd take you," he suggests. Sikozu tells him to leave Chiana alone, so he says he'll show both of them. Pilot tells him to leave them alone, but the hunter shuts him up.

John enters the cargo bay to find the DRDs shut off. One of the hunters tells Axikor that he's in John's quarters, and he hasn't come near. John goes to Scorpius' cell, which is empty. He is almost caught by one of the hunters, but manages to get out of the way. He then finds DRD "1812" who was playing possum, and asks if it can get any of the other DRDs up and running, which it can.

On Command, one of the hunters tells Axikor that Scorpius was helping John, who was hit in the leg. Axikor sends the men off, then turns to Scorpius, who he knows by name. Meanwhile, Chiana worries that her sight may not return this time, saying she hates the feeling of being blind. Axikor asks why Scorpius is here. "Because you captured me," Scorpius replies. Axikor tries to read Scorpius' mind, but Scorpius responds in Scarran that this won't work on him. "So you know?" Axikor asks. Scorpius says that armor won't fool, and Axikor says Scorpius should bow down. "Entropy will claim the universe before I bow down to a Scarran!" "Even one of the ruling order?" Axikor asks, as he removes his mask to reveal a more humanoid head unlike that of other Scarrans. Scorpius realizes that he's not after John for the bounty, but to take him to his masters. Axikor says they're eager to know why Scorpius and Grayza are so interested in Crichton, but capturing Scorpius is a bonus beyond measure. Scorpius says he'll see Axikor dead, but is shrunk.

John goes to the cargo bay with a plan to trap the other hunters in it using four DRDs. Chiana's sight is returning. Meanwhile, Scorpius is in the container with D'Argo, who spits out the comm. He says to signal John, but D'Argo wants answers first. As John finalizes the preparations, Axikor is with Pilot telling him to send a transmission as soon as he releases the cuffs. Scorpius tells D'Argo that Axikor is a Scarran spy, and says John can't fall in to Scarran hands. He listens, as Axikor signals a Dreadnought to come and pick him up along with Moya. Scorpius says the Scarrans will spare no one. D'Argo comms John. "Can you trust Scorpius?" he asks. "More today than yesterday, why?" John asks in reply. D'Argo explains the Scarran plot, as the other hunters surround the cargo bay. One goes in and John fires, but it has little effect. Another comes up behind him and knocks him to the floor.

Pilot says he's received no acknowledgement to Axikor's signal, as John tells the hunters that Axikor is a Scarran and he's called for a Dreadnought. They don't believe him, so John tells them to get Pilot to play back the message and have Axikor explain why he's speaking in Scarran. John says he's dead either way, and they can take it out on him if he's lying, but if he's telling the truth, they're in trouble. One of the hunters goes to Axikor to get him to remove the armor, but Axikor initiates a self-destruct in everyone else's armor. John gets 1812 to get the handset from one of the corpses, as Axikor receives a response from the Scarrans. Scorpius says the Dreadnought won't risk coming to Moya with a command carrier in the area, so he has to rendezvous elsewhere.

After fighting off Zack Harrison, Sally has a dream where she and the rest of the godkids are in serious danger, as they are at the risk of losing their fairy godparents, which have become known to the public, and they're being hunted by fairy hunters in exchange for a large cash sum. 041b061a72


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