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Where To Buy Chanel Flats ((FREE))

I purchased the classic Chanel cap-toe ballet flats in the beige and black lambskin combination. The ballet flats are a derivative of the original two-toned slingback pump, which was originally launched in 1957. Chanel designed these flats with a very careful eye. The ballet flats have a very subtle heel height of .4 inches to lengthen the leg, while the black cap toe was designed to make the foot appear smaller. The ballet flats have a rounded almond-shaped toe, which also helps to elongate your leg while still being a very traditional, classic style in comparison to the more on-trend pointed-toe or squared-toe styles we currently see right now.

where to buy chanel flats

Another reason the Chanel ballet flats are worth it is because they are handmade with natural materials. So down the road, if they need any repairs, you can take them to a good cobbler and get them repaired. The flats are also a classic, timeless style, so you will be able to wear them for many years to come.

Depending on where you are, Chanel prices can fluctuate and it could be worth waiting if you know you can get them for less while traveling. The PurseBlog has a helpful list of the cheapest places in the world to buy luxury items.

I am looking at a preowned pair of beige Chanel ballet flats on ebay. When I zoom over the photos, the leather looks pebbled. I have tried on new flats at the store to establish my size. I have never seen a pebbled version of these flats in any color or combination. Did Chanel ever make a pebbled leather version or are these fakes. Thank you, K 041b061a72


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