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[S3E3] Under The Gun !!TOP!!

Fogle calls Duffy for advice. He reports that he has killed JT and has Messer under control but is afraid that Raylan will keep investigating anyway. Quarles asks who is on the phone and Duffy explains, annoying Fogle by leaving him on the line. Duffy dismissively tells Fogle that he will hear his voice when he wants to talk to him and puts him on hold. Quarles suggests having Fogle kill Raylan, noting that Duffy has already tried and failed. Duffy claims there were extenuating circumstances. Quarles says that Raylan is clearly hard to kill and asks Duffy if he thinks that Fogle is up to the task. Quarles explains that if Raylan kills Fogle it will clear the way for his own plans. Duffy wonders what would happen if Fogle succeeded and Quarles says that would be lucky for them. Duffy reconnects the call and gives Fogle his orders. Becket and Messer return as Fogle hangs up. Fogle tells Messer that he knows that he is a federal fugitive and expresses his annoyance that Messer kept it from him. He pressures Messer into killing Raylan, instructing him to invite Raylan to his home on the pretext of giving himself up and then to shoot him.

[S3E3] Under the Gun

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The man insists that Eliza is wrong: he is a solicitor by the name of Jeremiah Slade, in France on confidential business. When he calls for help, she gags him. Eventually, she lets him speak again and explains her evidence. Percival has been wanted for twelve years, but always adopts a different character and has never been caught. However, she managed to track a journey leading her to this hotel, with all stages of the travel booked under the name Jeremiah Slade.

Ima-Gun Di was a Force-sensitive Kajain'sa'Nikto male who was taken in by the Jedi Order and trained to become a Jedi. He was part of the Heliost Clan under Tera Sinube, and during his clan's Initiate Trials[5] dueled fellow youngling Yeeda with Gretz Droom and Qui-Gon Jinn watching.[5]

Seemingly alone, the Twi'leks and clones under Di's command were slowly pushed back by the Separatist forces, and their right flank soon collapsed, leaving the Separatists to close in on the Jedi's location. Despite spotty communications, Di promised Syndulla that the Republic would come through with reinforcements, but the Twi'lek was unconvinced and believing that the Separatists would soon overrun them ordered his people to leave. Keeli explained to Syndulla that without the right flank all of them were trapped and could not escape, and so would have to continue fighting the Separatists together.[3]

Di was a Kajain'sa'Nikto male with orange skin and blue eyes. During the Battle of Ryloth, he had full faith in the Republic, believing that they would deliver reinforcements and aid even without any communications to confirm it. When they did not, he understood the anger of Syndulla. He was willing to sacrifice himself and his clone troopers in order to allow the Twi'lek Resistance and their families to escape. In his last moments, Di and Keeli held out alone, trying to make their last moments memorable ones. The Jedi was greatly pleased to hear that supplies had arrived, dying in the knowledge that his sacrifice to save the Twi'leks had not been in vain.[3]

Ryloth is under siege. Trapped on the surface, Jedi Master Di rallies the local forces with the help of Cham Syndulla. Desperate to save them, the Jedi Council dispatches Senator Bail Organa and Representative Jar Jar Binks to the planet Toydaria, where they are to convince the neutral regent, King Katuunko, to send aid to Ryloth. Bail and Jar Jar must convince Toydaria that their cause is just -- before it's too late. Trade Federation envoy Lott Dod attempts to prevent the Toydarians from giving up their neutrality. Katuunko follows his conscience and secretly aids the Republic, which Jar Jar is able to keep secret from the snooping Trade Federation agents with his inimitable distractions.

Ryloth has been invaded and blockaded by the Separatists, and Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di, his clone troopers, and Twi'lek Resistance leader Cham Syndulla are hardpressed to maintain their positions against the droid army as supplies run low. Master Di makes contact with the Republic relief supply fleet under Admiral Dao. In no position to deliver supplies himself, however, as he has fallen under attack himself by the Separatist blockade, Dao makes contact with the Jedi Temple, begging that reinforcements be dispatched, before his ship is destroyed. Since no other relief forces are close by, the Jedi Council (represented by Yoda, Mace Windu, and Obi-Wan Kenobi) asks Senator Organa, who has just finished a senate mission, to travel to nearby Toydaria and ask King Katuunko to use the planet as a supply staging base. Jar Jar Binks is dispatched to assist him.

Clementine finishes her story to Javier and tearfully remarks on how she had hoped A.J. would have been the one that did not die with her. Javier can comfort her, but she says that she was only punished for trusting other people again. Tripp and Javier press on through the forest before they stumble across a warehouse nearly surrounded by walkers. Javier notes that this was where David had sent them. With a half-dozen walkers in their path, they kill the walkers and enter a small area enclosed by a fence outside of the warehouse. More walkers chase them, but Javier closes the gate before any could get in. Tripp and the others hold the fence steady as Javier is tasked with finding a way into the warehouse. A larger herd nearby notices them and begins marching toward the fence. Javier finds their entryway locked and a garage door jammed. (Determinant) He is startled by a walker trapped inside of a wrecked vehicle within the fenced area, but he sees a jack underneath the car and a jack handle inside of the car. He opens the car door and kills the walkers inside, then grabs the handle and attaches it to the jack. The others shout for him to hurry as he lifts the garage door enough to slide the jack under it and begins pumping the handle. Once he manages to get it high enough to crawl under, Clementine and Jesus abandon the fence and run inside. As the weakened fence falls, Tripp tells Javier to get inside as he rushes to him.

Javier slips under the garage door into the warehouse in front of Clementine and Jesus. If Conrad had survived the previous episode, he runs for the garage door alongside Tripp. If Javier had given him the gun, he shoots the walker nearest to the door and slides inside shortly before Tripp follows suit, Tripp and Clementine calling for Javier to shut the garage door. Alternatively, if Conrad was not given the gun, then Tripp slides under the door first, and Conrad attempts to crawl underneath until a walker grabs him. The others look on in horror as Conrad grabs onto the jack and is pulled away from the warehouse. (Determinant) With everyone inside and the garage door closed, the group prepares to explore their new surroundings before a series of gunshots outside of the walls. David's voice shouts to be let in, but Clementine fires a shot at the door and orders Javier to not allow David inside.

Javier arrives at the church to find David beginning to argue with Joan over what they had done. David notices him and asks what had happened. If Ava is with him, then Javier gladly tells him that their family was safe at his house, encouring David, saying he knew he could count on him. If Javier was escorted under armed guard, then the guard says that Javier had tried to leave with Kate, angering David for attempting to leave him when he needed him and says they will deal with it later. Joan inserts herself into their discussion, loudly denouncing David for smuggling his brother into Richmond in spite of the council's decision. In front of Clint, Lingard and Lonnie, Joan suggests that David be punished for his disrespect. Clint tries to smooth the situation and asks why Javier and David had returned to Richmond, but he is shocked by Javier's accusation about Joan's involvement in several raids carried out without his knowledge. Lingard asks if what Javier said was true, but Joan flatly denies his allegation as pure fancy. Clint demands proof of the charge before he could accept that Joan had done such things.

If Max was killed: Lonnie advances to tell "the truth" of what had happened. He says that David and Javier had attacked him and killed his friends. After Joan prods him to continue, Lonnie says that they had indeed carried out attacks on other communities, but the orders had come from David and not Joan. Ava or an unnamed woman takes the chance to slip out quietly as Joan solidifies her position of leadership and undermines David's. As the council turns against David, Lonnie mocks David for killing their "family". David grows enraged by Lonnie's lies and attacks him. He points a gun at the council, but he is quickly tackled alongside his brother by a guard. Before they are taken, David fires one shot and kills Lonnie, but the guards disarm him and take them both away.

Emily, sprawled on a pristine white fuzzy comforter in the luxurious tent, is looking at the picture on her phone of Luke crouched by the stream. She zooms in for a clearer view. Her stepdad enters, and they begin to discuss Luke. She says that he didn't look saved when he saw her; he looked scared. Emily then confronts Avery, saying she'd seen him go into Luke and Paige's tent earlier. He tried to brush it off by saying the tents look alike, but Emily won't accept that answer. They're both frustrated with each other. "Not everything is a mystery!" says Avery. "If you're hiding something, I'm going to find out," says Emily, She starts to push by him. When he questions where she's going, she tells him she lost her knife in the woods last night and needs to get it. This is the first confrontation we've seen between Avery and Emily; up until now, they've been happy. Avery gets authoritative and says she's not going back into the woods, but Emily, in a direct, forceful, but self-controlled way, says the knife is important to her: she sleeps with it under her pillow (Winchester reference?) and her dad gave it to her. Avery tries a calmer approach: "I promised your mother that I would look after you." "Fine," Emily responds, "but I can look after myself" and she leaves the tent. Avery turns to eye her journal lying on the faux fur bedding. 041b061a72


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