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Delphi 6 Enterprise Edition Serial Keyl

Quote> And this link gets me to "Delphi 6.0 Trial Product Registration" No it does not if you follows the steps I said. It gets you to "Delphi 6.0 Online Software Registration". I did not say to go to " ". I said you should click on the link in the tool Delphi 6 Registration Software. If you clicked in the registration UI, which if you done the steps, showed your serial number, authorization key and Registration code, a browser should open pointing to " -bin/delphi/6.0/register.cgi" Again to make it completely clear: 1. Either click on Start Programs Borland Delphi 6 Register now or start D6Reg.exe from the \bin directory. The Delphi 6 Registration UI should start up. 2. Select Radiogroup item "Register or activate by phone or web browser" 3. Click button "Next" 4. A dialog with the title "Delphi 6 Registration Software - Phone registration" should come up 5. On this page is a link in blue text color and it says "Web Site : ". Click on the blue colored text. 6. Your default browser should get opened with the page " -bin/delphi/6.0/register.cgi" 7. Follow the steps from the web page. Quote> I think I need an "Activation Key". Which you get when you register correctly. Quote> But, since it seems to work OK without registering, what does > registering get me? Product updates like doc updates and other updates. ---Joerg--- Robert Smal Delphi Developer

Delphi 6 Enterprise Edition Serial Keyl

QuoteJoerg Weingarten wrote: >> And this link gets me to "Delphi 6.0 Trial Product Registration" >No it does not if you follows the steps I said. It gets you to "Delphi 6.0 >Online Software Registration". I did not say to go to >" ". I said you should click on the link in the >tool Delphi 6 Registration Software. If you clicked in the registration >UI, which if you done the steps, showed your serial number, authorization >key and Registration code, a browser should open pointing to >" -bin/delphi/6.0/register.cgi" Yes, all well and good. But, this presumes that the PC that Delphi 6 is installed on, is also connected to the internet. It is not. So, I used the link as displayed in the D6 registration dialg, which is " " and then went to the internet connected PC, and connected to " " as instructed. If I was meant to go to " -bin/delphi/6.0/register.cgi" then surely there should be a link from " ". dgg7();Other Threads1. How to migrate from Delphi6-interbase to Delphi6-Sql Server 7

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