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Stand By Me (Extended Mix)

Ace and his gang arrive to claim the body and threaten to hurt the boys if they stay. When Chris insults Ace and doesn't back down, Ace draws a switchblade. Gordie gets the gun, fires a warning shot, and stands beside Chris while pointing the gun at Ace. Ace demands the weapon, but Gordie refuses while insulting and threatening him. Ace and his gang vow revenge and leave. The boys realize it's wrong to exploit Ray Brower's death and instead report it via an anonymous phone call. They walk back to Castle Rock and part ways.

Stand By Me (Extended Mix)

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Feldman recalled how his home life translated into his onscreen character: "[Most kids aren't] thinking they're going to get hit by their parents because they're not doing well enough in school, which will prevent them from getting a work permit, which will prevent them from being an actor."[3] O'Connell agreed that he was cast based on how his personality fit the role, saying "Rob wanted us to understand our characters. He interviewed our characters. [...] I tried to stay like Vern and say the stupid things Vern would. I think I was Vern that summer."[21] Reiner and the producers interviewed more than 70 boys for the four main roles,[16] out of more than 300 who auditioned;[21] Phoenix originally read for the part of Gordie Lachance.[21] Ethan Hawke auditioned for Chris Chambers.[22]

It's not easy to find the funk in "Stand by Me," but leave it to Ike & Tina Turner to discover it in a place where nobody else was looking. Slowing the tempo down and adding thick washes of organ (plus Ike's chicken-scratch guitar), this groove is so heavy that it almost makes Tina's vocals seem beside the point. That's not to say she doesn't tear into them: Tina sings with so much passion that you have to wonder whether she needs somebody to stand by her at all.

Recorded for the Bam on the Roof compilation in 1992, Junior Murvin's "Stand by Me" is a rare rendition that strips away the trademark bass line, a move that forces attention elsewhere. Here, the focus is on a tight rhythm anchored by a drum machine and an insistent single-note guitar riff, a spare bed that gives Murvin plenty of room to roam. He doesn't plead, he seduces: There's never a doubt that his intended won't stand by him, at least for the night.

Will someone please stand by Sean Kingston? On "Beautiful Girls," the then 17-year-old used Ben E. King's riddim to express his high school self-pity, warning a possible girlfriend that her good looks will make him want to kill himself if they break-up. Teenage angst paid off well, though: The song went to Number One on three continents.

Since the aLR-interaction is not invariant under the standard electroweak gauge group, it must be proportional to an SU(2)L U(1) breaking parameter. In left-right symmetric models this is the nondiagonal element of the WL-WR mixing matrix, and in exotic fermion models the light-heavy quark mixing angles. In leptoquark models the aLR-interaction arises from mixing of leptoquarks of different SM quantum numbers. In composite models an aLR-interaction must contain the factor υ/Λ relative to the SU(2)L U(1) invariant interactions, where υ is the vacuum expectation value of the SM Higgs boson and Λ is the compositness scale. 041b061a72


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