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Maybe it's because the price, why buy returnal that only have about 6 levels at $60 full price when you can buy god of war, spider-man remaster, and horizon zd that have open world and hours of gameplay and story.


@MonkeyDLuffy19 Playing through each biome is easy indeed; however, for me the design of the bosses is annoying and sometimes unfair. Bosses are not that difficult either, but the loosing the character progress if you die is rather frustating. That's why the game feels difficult for me, I have any problem with soulslike games for instance, because we do not loose the character, so, a few tries and you can beat the bosses (in fact the areas in souls games are much harder than those of returnal). The way I play returnal is passing the entire biome AND beat the boss without dying, saving the progress between biomes (but, it is possible to save one time in those machines that I can't recall the name). The game feels difficult for me because of loosing the progress and it is really annoying for some people (but It does not bother me that much). I do not know how many times I died, but I believe that it was much more than 30 times lol. 041b061a72


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