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Inner Demons 2014 PORTABLE

Inner Demons is a 2014 found footage horror film that was directed by Seth Grossman.[1] The movie had its world premiere on 13 June 2014 at the Los Angeles Film Festival and stars Lara Vosburgh as a teenage drug addict whose problems may be a result of demonic possession.[2]

Inner Demons 2014

The following day Pretiss gives a much calmer Carson a physical exam and discovers that Jason gave her heroin while she was unconscious, as he now fully believes that the drugs will keep the demons at bay. As a result, Carson is expelled from the clinic and her family withdraws their consent to have her filmed. Not deterred, Jason follows Carson home and continually tries to get in touch with her family, but is repeatedly sent away by her parents, Beth and Steve (Colleen McGrann and Christopher Parker). It's only when he investigates her "friends" that he discovers that she was being bullied at her new school by her new acquaintances. They decided to prank her by forcing her to take part in a Satanic ritual, which is when she got possessed. Jason returns to the Morris family home with the rest of the film crew and breaks into the house demanding to see Carson. Her parents are initially hostile, but grow fearful after they hear Carson screaming upstairs. With no other options, Jason tries to exorcise Carson himself but is unsuccessful and the demon causes the house's power to go out. Carson, now fully possessed, then picks off the house's occupants one by one, including her own mother after she tearfully admits that Carson is a victim of physical abuse. Jason tries to appeal to Carson one last time and is seemingly successful. However their joy is short lived, as Carson's father enters the room and shoots Carson in the head and then kills himself, believing that she is still possessed. A horrified Suzanne is then murdered by Jason, who then turns off the camera currently filming, and it is revealed that his eyes are now pure black, as were Carson's earlier in the film.

On the other hand, being an entrepreneur and leading one's own company requires confronting inner demons every single day. An intrapreneur may believe the feedback he or she is told. An entrepreneur won't. The difference between the two is that inner belief and the willingness to just keep going.

All in all, the difference between being an intrapreneur and entrepreneur isn't necessarily related to the level of risk tolerance. It's bound up with the desire to maintain control of one's own destiny, a willingness to deal with other people's shenanigans and a burning inner belief in oneself. Whether that belief comes from ego, ignorance or obstinance, it has to get the entrepreneur through all the doing, convincing and hard conversations. But trust me: It's worth it. 041b061a72


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