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Milf And Wives

Money was the catalyst for our only expressions of passion, and not the sort that ended up with us in the bedroom. On the contrary our situation had become seriously dark, with little or no hope of reprieve in sight. Her sister seemed to have it all, she had money, mostly because she had tricked her dad into rewriting his will, and the divorce papers to have her become his beneficiary upon his death. That and they had manipulated the property so that when it sold none of it came my wives way they had also somehow fixed it so that when he died, my mother in law would lose her retirement. The stress of the situation resulted in an early demise for her mother.

milf and wives

I really did not expect much to come of it. My wife had been so conservative over the years I doubted that if anything did happen it was going to be limited to a heavy make out session...if that. Of course I knew that if they did make out the doors of possibility would crash open and their getting physical in the future would be all but guaranteed. Again, I did not really think anything would truly happen, given my wives track record.

It did not take long before her shoes were off with both legs wrapped around his waist. It did not take long for his pants to join my wives shoes in the corner. He then carried her to the kitchen table and set her down on it. Her hands were frantically working the buttons of his shirt exposing the fact that he was now sporting a rather impressive hard on that had to be no less than ten inches with a thick even girth. Suffice it to say he was not dainty in the cock department. "God...I heard my wife say...I've missed this' as she brought her pussy to his cock taking his head into her as she whispered 'fuck me".

After what seemed like an eternity, to me anyway, my wife needed more than a slow, grinding fuck and said "Take me to the bedroom" and kissed him. They turned on the lights...and I heard the bed springs creak as my wife let out a long, low moan of approval and passion "Ohhhh baby...fuck me like you used to. God I've missed you." And I heard the bed creaking to a long, slow rhythm of a slow sensual fuck. Moving to the window I found them both on the bed with my wives legs wrapped around his waist, his cock clearly buried to the hilt in my wife's shaved pussy. One of my wifes arms was wrapped around his neck with the other on his back while her feet hooked under his ass pulling him into her deeper and deeper. "Ohhh Baby...f-f-fuck me...Please" she said not bothering to monitor her volume because I heard it quite clearly outside the closed window. Once their lips closed on each other they were making love, connecting on a level that only old lovers can. While hot, I felt a bit uncomfortable in watching this moment between them. So I went back into the house. As it happened the living room was right above the bedroom as I settled into a chair where I heard the faint sounds of my wife crying out in orgasm and a few minutes later the guttural moan/grunt of a man coming.

After they had finished my wife went into the bedroom to put on her robe and to get one for Greg. "I'm going to go see if the bedroom is clear. If it is we can go in there." She smiled at him stroking his face "I'm glad that we can be like this again.' She said. 'I'm truly blessed that my husband is so, understanding. I'm not sure how many other men could allow their wives to do this." She then disappeared and Greg still coming down off his orgasm grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders. Laurie came back in her robe looking concerned. "He's not in the room and he is not in the guest room either. Here,' she handed him my old robe, 'you go into the room and I'll check the garage." They then both left. Where I was would be discovered soon enough when she made a more thorough search. For some reason I decided that staying there would not be a good thing as she would know or suspect that I had watched everything and would have also heard her confession of previous infidelity. Not knowing how she might react I decided to move to the den and lay on that couch. 041b061a72


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