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Sperrys Comfort Shoes |LINK|

Build your own sea-inspired style from the ground up with our impressive assortment of adventure-ready and always-comfortable shoes for men. From flip flops to duck boots and everything in between, Sperry men's shoes help you put your best foot forward no matter the occasion. Hit the beach in our men's sandals or flip flops, or hit the deck in our Authentic Original men's boat shoe. Then hit the town in smart casual men's shoes like our Sojourn leather shoe, Gold Cup Kennebunk woven loafer or men's chukka boot, with a variety of colors and detailing options available. If you're looking for the perfect versatile men's shoes for jeans or shorts, our men's sneakers and boat shoes provide sleek styling and flexibility to suit any outfit and durable quality to suit any adventure. Wherever yours takes you, take your boldest steps yet with Sperry.

sperrys comfort shoes

Looking for the short answer? Yes, you should wear socks with Sperrys. For enhanced comfort, your personal health (more on this below) and to extend the life of your shoes, it is recommended to wear socks with Sperrys. At Boardroom Socks, we spent nearly a year developing the perfect no show socks for Sperrys.

A strong reason to wear socks with Sperrys is simply because it is more comfortable. The added layer of material between your skin and the leather of the shoes will protect you from any rubbing, hotspots or blisters. Boat shoes can be notoriously uncomfortable during the break in process, and wearing a pair of socks helps to mitigate this discomfort.

When it comes to no show socks for Sperrys, it is imperative that the socks stay up. Many no-show socks are infamous for slipping off your heel and balling up under your foot. Not only is this aggravating and uncomfortable, but it defeats the purpose of the socks. To prevent this issue, we added a no-slip silicone grip that ensures the socks stay up throughout the day.

From a style perspective, this look needs significant improvement. To begin with, white athletic socks should strictly be worn in athletic scenarios. Athletic socks and other cheap tube socks are intended - both functionally and stylistically - to be worn with athletic shoes and other very casual shoes.

There is good cushioning and support from heel to toe. The extra care in the design process and attention to detail in the materials used result in shoes you can wear for hours without feeling antsy to take off.

These shoes run on the smaller side. Consider ordering up a size if you are planning to have your kids wear these with a thicker wool sock in the winter. They are a great option for narrow feet as the medium width seems to run a little narrow.

The flip side of this is that these shoes are not the easiest for little kids to get on and off. My older kids have no trouble with this but my 3-year-old (who is normally quite independent) always needs a helper to get her feet in the shoes.

Other rain boots might be more practical for giant puddle hopping (the boots we tested only come above the ankle) and other snow boots might be better for spending hours hiking or playing in deep snow but Sperry boots are in a category of their own for comfort and practicality.

First, boat shoes are made to fit and snug. Since these shoes were originally designed for sailors working on slippery decks, shoes that would easily come off can be dangerous. Until today, Sperry boat shoes are meant to have a snugger fit.

Sperry set out to build a similar functionality into a pair of shoes, using his penknife to carve a herringbone pattern of sipes (slits) into a set of rubber soles. The textured grip they provided proved highly effective in keeping him steady on his schooner. Sperry also made the soles white, as to not leave any marks on the deck.

Boat shoes are moccasin-like footwear that are distinguished by their low cut, handsewn construction, soft, white, non-skid, non-marking, siped rubber sole, and laces that run not only through 2-3 eyelets (2 being the most traditional) on top of the shoes, but in and out of their sides as well; this 360-degree configuration allows you to cinch the laces all around the shoe for a tighter fit.

When you take the shoes out of the box, feel around them with your fingers for any hard spots in the leather and massage them out. Feel inside the shoe as well, for any pointy thread ends that could prove an irritant and need to be snipped off.

Wear with the right style bottoms. Boat shoes pair best with more tailored (non-cargo) shorts or well-fitted, tapered or straight leg jeans or khakis. Too wide a pant looks funny with little moccasin toes sticking out the bottom.

The color of your moccasins should contrast with that of your pants; they should be darker, rather than lighter or the same color as them. This is less important when it comes to navy pants and blue jeans, but light beige boat shoes and light beige chinos are not a good combination.

I was so excited when Sperry reached out asking if I wanted to style the new sailor boat shoes. How cute are these? I chose a pair in ivory (to match with everything!) but these come in a bunch of cute pastel colors. Obsessed with the lilac too! You guys know that I basically live in sneakers, so I love how these feel and wear just like a pair of slip on kicks!

With genuine leather materials hand-sewn for durability, a signature 360 lacing system with rustproof eyelets for a secure fit, and razor-cut wave-sipping soles for the ultimate wet/dry traction, the Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe from Sperry hits it out of the park in terms of construction, comfort, and style. Definitely, one of the best boat shoes you can find.

While the leather construction keeps your feet cool, depending on how wide your feet are and/or how patient you are, breaking in the leather for a comfortable fit can be a bit of a chore (and can result in more than a few blisters!).

Moreover, to prevent the leather from cracking or wearing out quickly, the shoes have to be carefully cleaned, air-dried and lathered with leather conditioner and leather polish every time they get soaked.

The Sperry A/Os feature a full-grain leather upper, with a classic, moccasin design. While not as breathable as boat shoes that feature a full mesh upper, the leather construction does make up for this by being quite pliable, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.

That said, while the A/Os have remained virtually unchanged in terms of its overall look, the quality of the leather as well as the stitching used for these iconic boat shoes seem to have declined a bit.

While Sperry does have the Made in Maine collection, a collection of Sperrys that are hand-stitched in Maine, and use U.S.-sourced materials, the majority of Sperry shoes are manufactured outside the U.S. Most Sperrys are made in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia.

While Sperry does have the Made in Maine collection, a collection of Sperrys that are hand-stitched in Maine, and use U.S.-sourced materials, the majority of Sperry shoes are manufactured outside the U.S. Most Sperrys are made in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia.\n" }},"@type": "Question","name": "Why are boat shoes slippery?","url": " -mens-authentic-original/#Whyareboatshoesslippery?","answerCount": 1,"acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "Brand new boat shoes right out of the box should not be slippery. They\u2019re designed to provide good traction in wet and dry environments. That said, they can become slippery over time, either because of natural wear and tear, or exposure to certain chemicals like bleach, or a combination of both.\n" ,"@type": "Question","name": "How do you tie Sperry laces?","url": " -mens-authentic-original/#HowdoyoutieSperrylaces?","answerCount": 1,"acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "There are many different ways to tie your Sperrys, and there are certainly no hard and fast rules. That said, there are three boat shoe lacing methods recommended by Sperry. You can either use a Barrel Knot, a Chain Knot, or a Fishtail Knot. Check out this link for a more detailed guide!\n" ]}On this pageTable of content:BreadcrumbsDIVEIN> Boating> Boat Shoes> Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes Comments Subscribe Notify of new follow-up commentsnew replies to my comments LabelName*Email*Website

Why We Love It: This pair of casual boat shoes is made from an ultra-lightweight canvas material that will allow your feet to breathe even in warmer climates or hot summer afternoons.

Most boat shoes, especially those made of leather, can use some breaking in to get the most comfortable fit. You should consult your manufacturer's instructions on breaking in since for many pairs, including Sperry's, the break in process can take weeks.Before you wear your new pair of shoes for long periods of time, you should consider wearing around your house so they can mold to your feet. If they feel a bit tight, you can also wear them with a pair of socks to help them stretch.

Two of my favorite things are boating with friends and nights on the town. With the Shoe MGK Clean and Protect Kit, your boat shes will always be ready for your next boating adventure. Remember to respect your shoes!

The Sperry Water Strider water shoes are surprisingly comfortable-yet-nimble on your feet. While rubber/foam style water shoes tend to fit looser than traditional water shoes with laces, the full-coverage Water Striders do a great job of staying on your foot, even when wet. They do, of course, fill with sand like most every other water shoe, but rinsing the sand out is super easy. All-in-all, highly recommended. 041b061a72


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