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History Of Hazrat Umar Farooq Ra In Urdu Pdf Free UPD Download

hazrat umar (r.a) was a most courageous and determined person, due to which he became one of the most feared enemies of islam. he was one of the closest companions of the holy prophet (saw) who was always ready to sacrifice himself to protect islam and prophet (saw). his personality had an enormous influence on the messenger of allah (saw) and the muslims. his wisdom, intellect, knowledge, courage and zeal for islam were equally admired by all.

History Of Hazrat Umar Farooq Ra In Urdu Pdf Free Download

hazrat umar ibn khattab did not live in the land of the holy prophet (saw), but in the land of the disbelievers. he used to visit the holy prophet (saw), and he also was present when the holy prophet (saw) died. the holy prophet (saw) had entrusted his religion and matters of administration to his best friend umar, and advised him to be the governor of the holy prophet (saw)'s house, for which he left madinah and moved to medina. hazrat umar (r.a) was the second person who accepted islam after the holy prophet (saw). he was the companion of the holy prophet (saw) for nearly 20 years. with the death of the holy prophet (saw), hazrat umar (r.a) remained the leader of muslims.

here is the biography of hazrat umar farooq (raa) that he was born in 73 ad in makkah. the father of hazrat umar farooq was abdullah bin umar bin abbas bin abdul munaf bin hashim bin abdul aziz bin abdul qays bin abdul razzaq. his mother was zainab bint al-harith bin manasir bin kuray. his family is from najd tribe. he was a descendant of hashim bin abdul-muttalib. hazrat umar farooq (raa) had two brothers and three sisters. he did not like to talk about his childhood. however, he told some of his childhood stories. he learned arabic from his father. he was a good student of his early childhood. he was fair-skinned and fair-haired. he loved to memorize the quran and liked to teach it to other people. during his childhood, he wanted to be a muezzin. he could recite the quran by heart in his childhood. his father abdullah bin umar bin abbas was a pious and devoted person. he always kept good relations with his neighbors and was very charitable. hazrat umar farooq (raa) had a good memory and was very devoted to his father. he learned fiqh from his father and practiced it every day. hazrat umar farooq (raa) was born in makkah. when he was a child, he lived in makkah. in this place, he learned the islamic principles from the great companions of the prophet. later, he moved to madina. his family lived in madina. hazrat umar farooq (raa) had no problems in madina. his family life was very peaceful. it was very easy for him to live there. he was a very good companion to his family. he was very devoted to his mother and father. hazrat umar farooq (raa) was a student of religion. he learned the religion from his father abdullah bin umar bin abbas. when he was in madina, he learned islam from other people. hazrat umar farooq (raa) was a man of wisdom and a man of faith. he was a good speaker of the quran. he was also the best preacher of islam. he used to teach people the quran and hadiths. hazrat umar farooq (raa) was a man of islam. he was a scholar, a religious man and a strong leader. he was a man of action. he built a great army. he conducted jihad against the enemies of islam. he conquered rome and iran. he was one of the greatest messengers of islam.


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