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Dreamgirls Teens

Parents need to know that tweens and teens who like musicals, American Idol, and Beyoncé will be eager to see this much-hyped Broadway adaptation. Several scenes of drug abuse are used to symbolically link excessiveness, addiction, and depression in "show business." Images include snorting lines of cocaine and smoking marijuana. Characters also drink heavily (often to drunkenness and sometimes hidden from others), smoke cigarettes, argue loudly, and engage in a fight or two. Some relatively mild -- but quite colorful -- language (mostly, several uses of "s--t" and "hell").

dreamgirls teens


Born in Brooklyn on April 3, 1961, Edward Regan Murphy began appearing on stage at the age of 15, doing a combination of impersonations and side-splitting observational humor. While still in his teens, he joined the ensemble cast of Saturday Night Live, and was instantly catapulted to superstardom. 041b061a72


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