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Komiks: Comic Art In Russia

The late October rain arrived this week, but soon Seattle will be hit with a deluge of a different sort. For three days during the first week of November, comics scholars from across the world will descend on the University of Washington for The International Comic Arts Forum, the largest gathering of its kind in North America.

Komiks: Comic Art in Russia

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In addition to crediting collaborations with Society of Scholars, the Simpson Center for the Humanities, and comics organizations like ICAF for helping propel his work forward, Alaniz says Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are incredibly conducive environments for comics scholarship.

José Alaniz, associate professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and the Department of Comparative Literature (adjunct) at the University of Washington - Seattle, authored Komiks: Comic Art in Russia in 2010 and Death, Disability and the Superhero: The Silver Age and Beyond in 2014 ( both published by the University Press of Mississippi). He chairs the Executive Committee of the International Comic Arts Forum (ICAF), the leading comics studies conference in the US. His current projects include a study of disability in Euro-American graphic narrative and a history of Czech comics.

José Alaniz, professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and the Department of Cinema and Media Studies (adjunct) at the University of Washington, Seattle, has published two monographs, Komiks: Comic Art in Russia (University Press of Mississippi, 2010) and Death, Disability and the Superhero: The Silver Age and Beyond (UPM, 2014); as well as two co-edited collections, Comics of the New Europe: Reflections and Intersections (with Martha Kuhlman, Leuven University Press, 2020) and Uncanny Bodies: Disability and Superhero Comics (with Scott T. Smith, Penn State University Press, 2019). He formerly chaired the Executive Committee of the International Comic Arts Forum (ICAF) and was a founding board member of the Comics Studies Society. In 2020 he published his first comics collection, The Phantom Zone and Other Stories (Amatl Comix). His most recent book is Resurrection: Comics in Post-Soviet Russia (Ohio State University Press, 2022). He lives blissfully in rural Washington state.

Comics for Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds features an incredible roster of comics talent united under the mission of providing relief to war-torn Ukraine, which has suffered attacks from neighboring Russia since late February.

More than three dozen comic-book writers, artists, colorists, letterers, designers, editors, and more, are generously contributing their time to this collection of all-new comic-book stories to raise money to aid refugees in Ukraine.

Start browsing over 322,500 original comic artworks, get notified about new art from your favorite artists or series, and track and share listings from 356 dealers and auction houses in one single place.

ComicArtTracker aggregates content from 356 websites offering original comic art for sale (dealers, auction houses, marketplaces and artists websites). No product can be purchased and no auction bid can be made on the ComicArtTracker website. In case of discrepancy between contents, the source website should always prevail.

Today Dunbier and more than three dozen comic book writers and artists announced the launch of the new project, Comics for Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds, a 96-page full color collection of new stories and art, available to supporters of a crowdfunding campaign going live today on the Zoop platform.

He said the inspiration for the title came from a video captured in the early days of the war, when a Ukranian woman offered sunflower seeds (the national flower of Ukraine) to a Russian solder to put in his pocket, explaining that when he died, at least something good would grow from it. His vision helped bring in the wide slate of contributors from different corners of the comics industry.

For fans unfamiliar with the history of Russian comics, what are your earliest memory of Russian comics? Can you give readers an idea of the history of Russian comics before BUBBLE started?

Actor Nicolas Cage said it was \"divine providence\" that his stolen vintage comic book was found 11 years later in a storage unit in Southern California. This wasn't just any comic book. It is the first Superman comic, titled \"Action Comics No. 1,\" worth about $1 million.

\"It's the most important and valuable comic book,\" said Stephen Fishler, who sold the comic book to the actor in 1995. \"Before this book was published, there was no such thing as a super hero. It really created the comic industry.\"

\"It's worth considerably more than it was then,\" said Fishler, who owns, the world's largest retailer of comics. In March 2010, he said his company broke the record for the most expensive comic book for another copy of \"Action One\" for $1.5 million. In February 2010, he said his company sold another copy for $1 million. While there are about 100 in existence, only six of those comic books are in similar preserved condition, he said.

Mark Balelo, a collectibles expert in Simi Valley, Calif., was contacted by a man who said he found what was later discovered to be actor's comic book in a storage locker in San Fernando Valley. The man, who does not wish to be identified according to Detective Hrycyk, bought the locker's contents through American Auctioneers, a company based in Riverside, Calif. Elisabeth Metzidis, controller for Balelo Inc. confirmed that the man who found the comic book asked Balelo to sell it.

Address: Yearbook Japan, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 12, Rozhdestvenka av., Moscow, 107031, Russian FederationTel: +7 495 628 97 80E-mail:

Calvin and HobbesCalvin and Hobbes is a comic strip written and illustrated by Bill Watterson, following the humorous antics of Calvin, an imaginative six-year old boy, and Hobbes, his energetic tiger.

Yo & DudeA web comic strip about a cat, a dog and a bipolar conversation. What makes this comic strip really different is the way it is designed. Very unusual forms and colors for a traditional comic strip. Created by Eric Hews.

Girl GeniusOngoing comic book series turned webcomic telling the story of Agatha Hetrodyne, a student at Transylvania Polygnostic University, in an alternate history Victorian setting., Written and drawn by Phil and Kaja Foglio.

Chinese HeroCreated by Hong Kong artist Ma Wing Shing, the artistic style of this comic book led to the modern day look of Manhua - the name for Comic Strip Art produced in China. The earliest known Manhua drawings date from the 11th century BC in the form of stone reliefs.

ExtraLifeThe comic is updated three days a week and continues to this day. The comic itself sometimes features regular characters, but often is more about the subject matter and less about who is there to portray the subject. A comic strip created by Scott Johnson.

OK/CancelOK/Cancel is a comic strip collaboration co-written and co-illustrated by Kevin Cheng and Tom Chi. The subject matter focuses on interfaces, good and bad and the people behind the industry of building interfaces - usability specialists, interaction designers, human-computer interaction (HCI) experts, industrial designers, etc. 041b061a72


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