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Annelids Game: How to Master the 29 Unique Weapons and 9 Secret Ones

Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest and King of the Hill game modes. Single player with great artificial intelligence. Online and bluetooth multiplayer. PvP and cooperative modes. Up to 6 players at once. Procedurally generated maps. 41 missions, 14 maps, 29 unique weapons and 9 secret ones. Supports MOGA and generic bluetooth gamepads.

annelids game

Prepare for battle, choose your weapons, and fight! Beat all the missions, or make your own, fun game modes, multiplayer over wifi, great artificial intelligence, procedurally generated maps, play now on android and iOS.

The game development was announced at June 12 of 2013 on Facebook official page and some screenshots of the game were shared the same day along with an not available anymore gameplay video. The June 12th 2013 the annelids first version was released and announced in a facebook post, 9 days later June 21th was announced that USA was taking advantage on annelids downloads. July 8th an Annelids free demo was released, 5 days later have been considering slightly redesigning main annelids icon and 8 options were published, the July 22th the app icon was updated.

The July 24th the game beat 100 downloads, In August 5th the game reached more than 400 downloads with Russia on the Top and the last day of August beated 1000 downloads. October 2nd a Great Update was announced with different game modes including Steal the Flag (Capture the Flag) and Team Deathmatch. The November 19th Annelids reached 5000 downloads and on December 1st doubled that number. In December 9th progress was announced with different map themes showing the Underground map and the Circuit map. Later the creator asked if you already have found a cat hidden in the game (referring to the Nyan Taco which previously was Nyan Cat).

The February 7th the game reached 160k of downloads and the developers announced that they would accepting suggestions for new weapons and they will add the best 2 at the end of each month, also 2 days later the Jungle map was announced.

To win, the player must gain points following the current game mode instructions, always being able to eliminate the enemies but also be eliminated. Depending to the game mode if a player gets eliminated can respawn inmediately or after 8 seconds (Only in Capture the Flag and Conquest).

The Daily Challenge Mode consists in different challenges showed every day being the last of the current day. To complete these challenges the player must fulfill every requirement at end the game, if does the challenge will show with a golden banana on it. If the player couldn't reach it the game will show "Challenge failed"

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In the multiplayer game you can play with other players in real time. There's a server list in which up to 6 players can join in any world part, these servers are configured with every game mode, the chantity of servers per game mode may vary concord to players chantity. Also you can host a game only via Wifi and Bluetooth.

Capture the FlagCTFGenreMaze-StrategyModeSingle Player-MultiplayerCapture the Flag is an Annelids game mode, Your task is to find enemy flag and deliver it to your castle while preventing enemy team to do the same. Team with highest amount of delivered flags wins!

The objective is to capture the enemy flag and deliver it to your castle while preventing the enemy team from doing the same. Once the flag is delivered it will count as a point for the team and it will reappear in its place of origin. When a worm is killed it will reappear in your castle in 8 seconds. The team that reaches the flag goal will win the game.

Annelids is a worm fighting game with cool graphics and simple controls. Control your worm and fight with other online players in the game. Gameplay is so fun where you need to find your way through tunnels and attack other worms using unique weapons. There are so many cool and amazing weapons in the game with different damage stat.

There are 17 different maps in the game where your battle can take place. There are various missions to make the game more interesting and fun. It is an online game where you will face other players from around the world with their form. Earn money by defeating other worms and then you can buy different weapons and upgrade your worms.Buy new outfits for your worms and make them look cool. Get the mod of the game and enjoy unlimited resources without paying for anything.

Annelids is an amazingly fun game to play where you have to guide your worms to find a way through tunnels and attack other worms. It is an online game where you have to fight against online worms. There are so many amazing and cool weapons for each situation. Use weapons to kill other worms and win the game. There are unique maps and cool missions in the game which makes it more interesting and fun to play. Graphics of the game are simple as well as controls just to make it easy for beginners to understand the game.

Annelids Mod is the cracked version of the game where you can enjoy even more by using infinite resources. You can enjoy using unlimited ammos in your weapons. You do not have to worry about money in the game because you have countless money to buy anything. All weapons are unlocked and you can use premium content for free. All missions are completed and you have unlimited health in game which means that no one can defeat you. Your worm is immortal in the game with deadly weapons. This modified version is compatible with all the android devices.

Annelids is an amazing worm fighting game where you can experience fighting in different locations. This game has 17 unique maps which you can unlock and select as your battle place. These maps give you tough gameplay because locations are different and it is not easy to reach other worms. There are different game modes and each game mode allows you to select the map of your choice or you can leave it as random selection. Win matches and show the flag of your victory to unlock all the maps.

Gameplay is so much fun because you guide your worm to shoot at other worms in order to win the game. There are tunnels from where you can hide your worm and take aim to shoot down other worms. There are different game modes including conquest, deathmatch, team deathmatch, kill of the hill and many more. If you want to play as a team theme select team deathmatch and try to conquer your enemies. There is a lot of fun in each game mode but the rules are pretty same. Capture the flag of another team in the game and kill other team worms.

Weapons are the only source to kill other worms in the game. There are plenty of amazing weapons and each weapon has different functionality and purpose. You can drill tunnels to make your way to the other side or you can use deadly rocket launchers to kill your enemy worms. In the start, weapons will be locked but you can complete missions and tasks to unlock all the weapons. You will have limited ammos so you need to be more careful when using weapons and do not waste your aim.

If you love to play online games then this is going to be your favourite game. It is an online game with lots of amazing game modes and missions. Play against real players from around the globe and show them the true power of worms. Win battles and earn money which you can use to buy new weapons and upgrade your worms to the next level. There are lots of cool missions with nine secret missions which give extra resources when completed.

Annelids Mod is the cracked version of the game where you will have limitless coins and money without doing anything. You can buy any weapon and customise your worm using any outfit you want. This mod is compatible with all the android devices. You do not have to complete missions because all missions are already completed in game.

You will get everything without any limit in the modified game version. Get unlimited ammos and health in game. Your worm will be immortal in the game and no one will be able to kill your worm. Use all weapons against other worms and shoot without any limit. All premium features are fully unlocked in the game and give you complete control over everything.

Annelids is an incredible worms fighting game with hell of a lot of fun. It is more interesting because you can play it online with other players. Unlock different outfits for your worms and equip them to makes worms look cool while fighting. There are plenty of weapons with different functionality. There are various missions and maps in the game which you can unlock by winning matches. Collect money and buy different weapons but if you download the cracked version of the game, then you do not have to collect money. You will have limitless money and other resources without doing anything.

Yes, this modified version of the game is completely safe to download and play. This hacked game does not contain any type of virus and does not harm your device.Q. Can I play Annelids game on a low-end android device?Yes, this game is compatible with all the android versions and devices. You can easily play it on your device without any problem. 4.14 / 5 ( 124 votes )Recommended for YouBlocky Cars Pro Apk

Suit up for battle and play against friends to gain dominance in the underground world in Annelids: Online battle with BlueStacks. With BlueStacks 5, script and bind your shots to a function key on the keyboard or mouse. With this, you take utmost control of every aspect of your game down to the smallest detail. Coordinate movements to suit your liking.

BlueStacks is an app player that takes all the workload off your computer and allows you to run several apps and play large games conveniently. Get the best high picture resolution and enjoy classic 3D graphics and exciting soundtracks when you play on a larger screen with BlueStacks.

Download Annelids: Online battle using BlueStacks 5 on at least a 4GB RAM PC to get an awesome gaming experience. BlueStacks offers you the best video quality for your games. With BlueStacks 5, avoid playing games with low frame rates. Pick up the picture quality when you enable the high FPS when playing your games. This feature helps you see clearly where the enemy is hiding. The high FPS gets rid of stutters, tears, and distorted video quality.


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