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Skyrim My Hero Academia Mod

while my hero academia: ones justice may not have the battle system of its predecessor, this new addition to the series is still awesome. the character designs and animation are top-notch, and the gameplay mechanics of the hero's academia league are refreshingly different from the usual fighting game mechanics.

Skyrim My Hero Academia Mod

with a few more my hero academia trailers to come, it is clear that the studio is still hard at work on the project. the more trailers that come out, the more we will see of the game that can be played by the fans. with how the game is receiving, i cant see the studio scrapping my hero academia for good, so look forward to more trailers coming soon!

this mod is a must have if youre playing skyrim, and if you dont have it, youre missing out. it really brings the game to life with a bevy of beautiful creatures and the freedom to explore the game world as you see fit.

created by the super talented ys57, this mod adds over two dozen of the characters from my hero academia to the game. i bet youre wondering, how does this work? well, even though the manga isnt technically set in the skyrim world, it is a world that has been in the same place since ancient times, and that means it just so happens that almost all of the my hero academias characters are also there. i would highly recommend this if youre a big fan of my hero academia, but even if youre not, its a mod that brings a ton of fun to the game.

this mod is probably my most recent addition to the list. created by the super talented ys57, this mod adds the game of my hero academia to the game. there are four main parts to this mod, firstly, there are quests in every town and a few dungeons, the rest of the quests are interspersed throughout the game world. secondly, there are more than 400 my hero academias characters with unique dialogue, many of which have been translated from the japanese, and several npcs with specific dialogs, but with the option to randomly select a line. thirdly, there are dozens of weapons and armour to wear and use, all of which you can find and get your hands on. lastly, there are the items you need to make some of the items from the manga and anime. when youre done with the quests, try to explore the world and you will find most of the content hidden behind barriers you have to find and explore. it really makes skyrim a more interesting world, and i highly recommend it.


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