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100.000 Windows Drivers (Vista,Xp,98,95,Me,2000,2003) Free Download Fixed

Note about Cashflow Plan Home (personal, household and home business cashflow planner): Go here for details, free download and purchasing as this page mainly relates to business-related versions of Cashflow Plan.

100.000 Windows Drivers (Vista,Xp,98,95,Me,2000,2003) free download


Purchase a copy of Cashflow Plan Micro, Lite, Plus, Super and Ultra here. Download a free or trial copy of Cashflow Plan here.Note that a downloaded trial copy can be remotely upgraded by email, fax etc.

ReactOS is a free and open-source operating system for amd64/i686 personal computers intended to be binary-compatible with computer programs and device drivers made for Windows Server 2003 and later versions of Windows.[5][6] ReactOS has been noted as a potential open-source drop-in replacement for Windows[7][8][9] and for its information on undocumented Windows APIs.[10]

IMAGINE TIMEBoth Worlds Software Inc.Originally developed in 1986 as a DOS product, Imagine Time was transformed to Windows in 1997, and now combines time and billing with practice management, contact/calendar management, due-date tracking, and a Tax Tickler project/work reminder function.Planned enhancements: N/A.Users: 3,000.Platforms: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP; Novell NetWare.Pricing: Avg. price per module - $750.Maint./support: First-year program costs 18 percent of product list price, and provides product updates; significant new features; minor software refinements; database updates; federal, local and Canadian provincial tax updates; professional services tools library; support for incidents with a three-hour guarantee; and an orientation training CD. Subsequent-year services plans available at 16 percent of product list price.Training: Classroom, computer and Internet-based training and manuals.Customer contact: Fred Lindsley, (877) 520-1525 ext. 204.PROSYSTEM FX PRACTICECCH Tax and AccountingThe practice management component of the ProSystem fx Office suite is designed to capture more billable hours and bill more quickly. Integration with other applications in the suite provides for rapid access to management information. ProSystem fx Practice features 24/7 time capture with Global Time Entry, which allows users to enter time via the Web. The PDA Time Entry tool leverages the Palm OS, and the remote time entry module allows users to take Practice on their laptop. Internet Connect gives users the ability to connect to their server-based Practice program and database via an IP connection.Planned enhancements: New integration with Microsoft Outlook; interface with clients and contracts; integration with Global fx - time clocks and invoice transactions; client inquiry. Updated project status from within ProSystem fx Tax.Users: 48,000+ users; 3,000+ firms.Platforms: 100 percent IBM-compatible Pentium PC. For networks, NetWare v. 5.1 or higher, Windows 2000 Server, ME, 98, 2000 Professional, and XP Professional.Pricing: Five-user license fee - $1,700; additional users above five - $110 each.Maint./support: Annual fees - none. Tech support included with license.Training: New user implementation - $350; one-to-one Web training - $150 per hour. On-site full-day training: - $1,500 plus expenses.Customer contact: ProSystem fx Sales, (800) 739-9998.TABS3Software Technology Inc.A time and billing system that enables users to customize buttons with the tasks they perform most often, with up to 50 fields in the client file. It also tracks hours worked and hours to bill; determines hours compared to recommended goals; enters new billable timekeeper rates before they become effective; collects client fees in advance; generates weekly and monthly bills; and provides recap statements at the end of a project or year.Planned enhancements: N/A.Users: 400,000+.Platforms: Windows XP and Novell NetWare.Pricing: One to two timekeepers - starts at $295; multi-user (up to five) - starts at $995; avg. price per module - $1,495.Maint./support: Single user - $105 per year; multi-user - $280 per year. Free phone support, free updates released during the maintenance period and special pricing on higher levels of a product.Training: Multi-media training and product manuals are provided. Custom training is available in person from local dealers or remotely from STI via WebEx.Customer contact: (402) 423-1440 or sales TIMESLIPS 2005 Best Software Timeslips 2005 includes billing cycle tools such as time and expense tracking, intuitive bill customization, and two-way integration with Microsoft Outlook. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows XP, Windows 2000 with ServicePacks 1 or 2, or Windows 98 SE. Network connectivity requires a network. Pricing: Single user - $399.99; multi-user - $699.99 (five stations), $1,299.99 (10 stations). Maint./support: 30 days free support for new customers; unlimited telephone support - $229, single user; $349, network. Training: Training guides, and Best Software Small Business Division Certified Consultants. Customer contact: (800) 285-0999 or tssales TAX PREPARATION AND PLANNING BNA INCOME TAX PLANNER BNA Software The BNA Income Tax Planner is an easy-to-use tax planning solution that streamlines and simplifies every aspect of individual income tax forecasting and analysis, from checking annual returns to creating multi-year/multi-case projections and effective client presentations. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP or higher; Novell NetWare. Pricing: BNA Income Tax Planner with 50 states - $835; $205 for each additional user (for 11 or more licenses, contact vendor). BNA Income Tax Planner (federal only) - $525, $185 for each additional user (for 11 or more licenses, contact vendor). Maint./support: Toll-free telephone technical support included. Training: Available. Customer contact: (800) 424-2938 opt. 3. CROSSLINK 1040 Petz Enterprises Inc. This tax compliance software covers federal and all states, and supports e-filing and bank products. Planned enhancements: New graphical user interface; improved client letters, including privacy policy, spell-check added for client letter modification; enhanced client billing; customer-administered user logins and passwords; expanded depreciation calculations for states that don't conform to federal laws; state income tax selection for itemized deductions; $25,000 Section 179 vehicle limitation; automatic election for inclusion of non-taxable combat pay to maximize earned income credit; and expanded support for various city taxes. Users: 5,000. Platforms: Windows, including XP. Pricing: Single user and multi-user - $695 for one state with e-filing. Avg. price per module - state modules with e-filing range from $295 to $495; client invoicing - $95. Maint./support: Included. Tech support - included. 24/7 support hours during the tax season. Customer contact: Alan Sordello, alan or (800) 345-4337. DRAKE TAX SOLUTIONS Drake Software Over 7,000 forms, schedules and worksheets are available, as well as free e-filing, real-time Internet reporting, and access to CCH Online Tax Research. The product supports multiple printers, federal and state forms, interview sheets, organizers, pro formas, a built-in scheduler and more. It is network-ready, with no extra fee for multiple preparers in the same office. Downloads and updates are available via the Web. The suite of core modules includes 1040, 1040NR, 990, 990PF, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 706 and 709. It imports from Quickbooks and Drake Client Write-up, with other imports in development. Planned enhancements: An increase in the number of states that can be calculated simultaneously, from nine to unlimited. Added functionality for group asset sales. Enhanced letters and reports with Word-type functions. Provide additional flexibility in pricing and order of forms to be printed. Pop-up when entering return for items marked as needing follow-up. Add group e-mail functionality within the program based on return criteria, returns with passive activities, returns with self-employed income. Users: 18,000+. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP; Novell NetWare. Pricing: Single user, new and renewal - $1,395; multi-user - $1,395. Early season discounts available. Maint./support: Annual fees - included with software license. Training: Fall update schools in seven cities, computer-based training modules, sample returns for paper and e-file returns, field help and FAQs built into the software and online assistance. Customer contact: (800) 890-9500 or sales GOSYSTEM TAX AND GOSYSTEM TAX RS RIA (Thomson) This ASP solution's features include anytime/anywhere data conferencing, data evaluation, data exchange options and integration with major accounting software packages. Planned enhancements: GoSystem Tax RS To-Go; GoSystem Tax RS Archive; downloadable releases for CD clients from the Web; integration with Checkpoint Line Finder, FileCabinet Solution, Engagement Solution and Depreciation Solution; support alternate methods for signing returns; full-featured tax equalization module; automated K-1 transfer from 1065 to 1120 and from 1065 to 1065; partnership consolidations; and more. Users: 75,000+. Platforms: Windows 2000 and XP; Novell NetWare. Pricing: Contact vendor. Maint./support: Included in annual license fee, which includes subscription to nightly e-mail service and online service request management. Training: On-site - $2,000 per day; regional training - $295 per seat; Web-based training available. Customer contact: (800) 865-5257, ria-gosrs, or GREAT TAX Nelco/Greatland Great Tax supports federal individual, state and business tax return preparation, offering quick data input, conversions from other tax packages, and an employer library. It includes complete reporting, invoicing and database functions, and e-filing and bank product integration. It also includes an online e-file center for up-to-the-minute updates on acknowledgments, bank product return information and other key e-filing data. Planned enhancements: Updated printing capabilities to print in various return sets; enhanced custom letter capabilities in the professional packages; enhanced e-file center; electronic filing for 1120, 1120S, MA Corporation and MI-SBT returns; support for five new states - Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, North Dakota and Vermont. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 2000, ME and XP. Pricing: Package prices - start at $375, go up to $2,560. Silver, Gold and Platinum packages are available, which include unlimited federal and state e-filing and bank product participation. Maint/support: Annual fees - software must be purchased each year. Tech support available via e-mail, software help files and toll phone number. Training: On-line tutorial and help files. Customer contact: (800) 266-4669 or INTELLITAX 2004 Orrtax Software Solutions IntelliTax provides complete 1040 tax preparation software in two versions: IntelliTax for Windows and IntelliTax Classic. Both provide individual income tax preparation for federal and state returns and are integrated with e-filing, bank products and 45 state tax prep programs. New this year for IntelliTax is IntelliManager, which enables tax preparers using IntelliTax for Windows in a multi-office, service bureau or franchise environment to manage, control, administer and report from a central location. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: 7,300. Platforms: Windows 98 2nd Edition, 2000, XP Home or Professional. Pricing: Seasonal and package discounts apply; basic 1040 program - starts at $495. Maint./support: Toll-free support from Oct. 25, 2004, through Jan. 7, 2005. Peak season support available seven days a week via phone, fax, Web site or e-mail. English- and Spanish-speaking customer support representatives. Training: Six regional training seminars scheduled nationwide through Jan. 8, 2005. Customer contact: (800) 377-3337 or sales LACERTE TAX Lacerte Software Co. (Intuit Inc.) This tax prep product includes an enhanced database manager and appointment manager at no additional cost. Users can purchase on an unlimited-use basis, or on a pay-per-return basis. The program also integrates with Lacerte's Tax Planner program, which allows users to project clients' future tax liability under multiple scenarios and provide detailed professional reports, including graphs and customized deductions. Planned enhancements: Form instructions provided at the forms screen. Automated amended return preparation. Alternate odd-even year reporting of dependent claims. Workflow utility to track status of returns. Ability to lock returns. Customizable client letters that can be e-mailed from the software application. Users: 40,000+. Platforms: Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: Unlimited use, 1040 single user - new, $2,140; renewal, $1,819. Pay-per-return option also available. Maint./support: Support included. Training: Available. Customer contact: (800) 765-7777. MAX ATX/Kleinrock Max includes all federal, state and city programs, built-in spreadsheets, unlimited W-2/1099 with free e-filing, and calculating sales and use tax forms. Its new interface offers streamlined navigation, including easier navigation between program managers and open returns; a simplified asset entry process and easier depreciation management; enhanced state depreciation diagnostic checks - alerts added when state rules differ significantly from federal; streamlined depreciation reports; a new preference wizard that allows for customization; over 6,000 form improvements; enhanced calculations for Forms 1041 and 4562, Schedule D and related Forms 4797 and 6252, Schedule E and Form 8825, Forms 1116 and 2555 for 1040NR returns; and an improved data rollover feature for more comprehensive transfer of last year's data into this year's return. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: ATX/Kleinrock has over 52,000 total users. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: Up to three users in one location - $775 (plus shipping and updating); four or more users in one location - $1,162.50 (plus shipping and updating). Costs for networked versions vary. Maint./support: Standard maintenance and support included in the price. Support available for an additional $100. Training: Training video on DVD, user's guide, program tutorial. Customer contact: Deborah McFarland, (310) 301-2107. PROSERIES PROFESSIONAL TAX SOFTWARE/1040 Intuit Inc. ProSeries Professional Tax is available in three versions - Professional, Express and Basic. Express is designed for 50 or more bank product returns each year, while the Basic Edition targets preparers who file 175 or fewer individual returns each year. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP. Pricing: Professional Edition - $949; Express Edition - $795; Basic - $250 to $525. Pay-per-return pricing options also available. Maint./support: Contact vendor. Training: Contact vendor. Customer contact: (800) 934-1040. PROSYSTEM FX TAX CCH Tax and Accounting ProSystem fx Tax provides capabilities for all types of federal and state returns, including individual, partnership, corporation, fiduciary, estate and gift, deferred compensation, and exempt organization. It is available as part of the ProSystem fx Office suite (which also includes ProSystem fx Planning, a program that generates comprehensive multi-year forecasts for tax planning). New additions to Tax include an optional worksheet-based interface; more than 60 new federal and state forms, including returns for single-member LLCs in the individual program and several state financial institution returns in the corporation and S corp programs; and an optional e-mail notification that can be used to replace postcards for notification of IRS acceptance. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: 20,000+. Platforms: Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP; Linux RedHat 6.2 or 7.0; NetWare Version 5.1 or higher; Window NT Server Version 4.0; Windows 2000 Server; Novell NetWare. Pricing: Single user, 1040 - $2,850; 1065, 1120, 1120S and 1041 - $1,675; 990 - $1,550; 706, 709 and 5500 - $900. Multi-user - $600 for network that includes five workstations. Discounts available. Maint./support: Annual renewal required. Tech support included. Training: Includes annual tax update training seminars, Web-based training and on-site options. Price varies. Customer contact: ProSystem fx Sales, (800) 739-9998. TAX$IMPLE TaxSimple Inc. This form-based and menu-driven software for 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 706, 709, 990 and state packages includes a depreciation module, a passive activity module, and automatic generation of forms. It also contains enhanced diagnostics, tax practice management, client management, labels, transmittal letters and utilities. Preparers may use fee-per-return billing, which is available on Internet-prepared returns. Electronic filing is available for 26 states with enhanced e-filing diagnostics. Planned enhancements: N/A. Users: N/A. Platforms: Windows XP Professional/Home, 2000 Professional/Server/Advanced Server, NT 4.0, ME/98/95; Linux; AS/400 with WIN NT environment; Novell NetWare. Pricing: Single user - $300 to $3,000; multi-user - 20 percent additional. Starter package - 50 percent off. Avg. price per module - $800 to $1,000; suite of core modules - $1,500 to $2,500. Maint./support: Free. Training: Free seminars, free last year's program to practice, and over-the-phone sessions. Customer contact: Leon Sample, sales manager, (973) 989-0006, (866) 729-7798 or sales TAXWISE Universal Tax Systems Inc. This full-featured tax preparation and e-filing program comes with such training features as the Training Electronic Filing Center, TaxWise University and TaxWise TV. Planned enhancements: E-filing of Forms 1120 and 1120s, enhanced customer support (toll-free support number, bilingual support and Sunday support hours), on-line merchant account services. Users: 21,131 in 2003. Platforms: Windows 2000 and XP. Pricing: Starts at $300, with no added charges for networks. Maint./support: Included in cost of software. Training: TaxWise University (online), Training Electronic Filing Center (online), GetWise Fall Seminars (regional), practice returns (software). Customer contact: (800) 495-4326. TAXWORKS Laser Systems TaxWorks provides tax preparation software for federal systems - 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 706, 709, 990 and 5500 returns. It also provides state modules for the 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120 and 1120S. It supports both the Windows and Linux operating systems. Planned enhancements: Adding five states - Hawaii, Alaska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Delaware - to complete the library of states for business systems 1041, 1120, 1120S and 1065. Users: 4,700. Platforms: Windows 2000 and XP; Linux; AS/400. Pricing: Single and multi-user - $1,095; starter package - $420. Core modules 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S and all available states - $2,995. Maint./support: Included at no cost. Training: Two-day training in Las Vegas, Orlando, Fla., Salt Lake City, or New York - $225. Customer contact: Alan Haacke, sales or (800) 230-2322. ULTRATAX <br


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