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Buy Panasonic Lumix Lx10

LX10/FZ1000/TZ110 share many features with a powerful panasonic MFT camera(like GX85/G85) and also make its debut with a reasonable price.lacking EVF? I don't think it's an important issue for such a mini-compact camera.

buy panasonic lumix lx10


I think it has a tougher competitor in it's LX100 sibling:* current price of lx100 is a tad cheaper than current price of the lx10. * from the studio comparison, it seems the LX100 has constantly better IQ.

Archiver, are you saying the LX10 does not have the 16:9 aspect option to achieve the 21-22mm view that the LX7 (and my old LX3) had? I see it listed here on the Pani site, but maybe I am missing something? 16:9 Listed under "Still Picture Recording" on this link: -and-camcorders/cameras/lumix-point-and-shoot-cameras/DMC-LX10K.html 041b061a72


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