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Watch Friends S10E17-E18

The Last One, Part 2Season 10, episode 18236th overall episode of FriendsThe friends get emotional as they're about to leave the apartment for the last time.Episode InformationAir dateMay 6, 2004Written byMarta Kauffman & David CraneDirected byKevin S. BrightEpisode GuidePreviousThe Last One, Part 1NextJoey

Watch Friends S10E17-E18

As a house-warming gift, Joey has bought Chandler and Monica a new chick and duck, Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. However, when he tries to show them to Monica and Chandler, he cannot find them in his apartment. When he tells them, Chandler helps him search for the birds while Monica finishes packing. The two realize that Chick Jr. and Duck Jr are stuck inside the foosball table, which Joey and Chandler don't want to break. Breaking it apart is a piece of cake for Monica, and she busts the table open. Joey and Chandler try to hide the awkward moment they have together as best friends, but they can't hold it and hug.

At Monica and Chandler's apartment, which is completely empty now, the guys cherish their last moments together. It's too much for the friends to handle, and they all look tearful as they note that over the years they've all lived in the apartment at some point (including the summer Ross stayed with his grandmother while he attended dance classes in his youth). Monica tells Chandler they need to leave their keys, and it turns out that all six have a copy, though for some reason Joey's has been misplaced and he has a red lollipop as a replacement. Monica and Chandler have some time before they go to their new house, and the friends decide to go for a last cup of coffee. Chandler tries to break off the tension by asking "Where?" this being the last line of the show. They walk out of Monica's apartment. The camera slowly pans over the empty apartment while the song Embryonic Journey by Jefferson Airplane plays in the background, showing the friends' six keys on the counter, and then ends on the door.

Since Friends is the kind of comforting sitcom that fans can watch over and over again, everyone has their favorite episodes. But even though a re-watch is always going to be fun, fans don't want to watch every single episode more than once. This might be because a storyline doesn't make sense, a favorite couple is fighting, or they just don't find the plot all that funny. Since this is such a beloved and iconic show, these lackluster episodes definitely stand out.

Friends fans debate Ross and Rachel's break, and since this is such a controversial aspect of the series, it's no wonder that some people prefer to skip this episode. It's definitely frustrating watching these characters dance around each other without admitting that of course they love each other and should stay together.

One of the most well-known flashback episodes is season 5's "The One With All The Thanksgivings" and this features the offensive and problematic discussion of "fat Monica." This episode is particularly tough to re-watch as teenage Chandler calls Monica overweight. While he apologizes in the present-day portion of the episode, it still makes total sense why fans would ignore this episode now. Viewers much prefer watching Monica and Chandler's heartwarming journey from friends to soulmates.

Some think Rachel and Ross are a bad sitcom couple as they go on this break because Rachel doesn't feel that Ross cares enough about her career dreams. It's hard to watch this season 3 episode since it seems like Ross could tell Rachel that he thinks her job is great and that he's going to be there for her. But he doesn't seem willing to say anything positive about her situation, leading to their break that fans still talk about to this day.

Joey and Rachel go out on a date as Rachel is bummed that she's not in a relationship. She thinks that they're just friends and he starts to feel something more. Many viewers feel that this is one of the worst romances on the show as they don't buy that these two characters would like each other. Their chemistry feels off and it doesn't feel like they have a special connection, unlike Ross and Rachel.

While the Friends finale brought up some questions, fans generally approve of the way that the story wrapped up since everyone got a happy ending. It's definitely heartbreaking watching the characters move away from each other, though, and it's particularly tough to imagine Rachel and Monica not living together anymore. In this case, some people choose to skip this episode because it's too sad, not because it's not funny or poorly made.

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Friends is an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. The series revolves around a group of friends in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The series was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television. The original executive producers were Crane, Kauffman, and Kevin S. Bright, with numerous others being promoted in later seasons.Kauffman and Crane began developing Friends under the title Insomnia Cafe in November/December 1993. They presented the idea to Bright, with whom they had previously worked, and together they pitched a seven-page treatment of the series to NBC. After several script rewrites and changes, including a second title change to Friends Like Us, the series was finally named Friends and premiered on NBC's coveted Thursday 8:30 pm timeslot. Filming for the series took place at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California in front of a live studio audience. The series finale, airing on May 6, 2004, was watched by 52.5 million American viewers, making it the fourth most watched series finale in television history and the most watched episode of the decade.

Collider ranked it #6 on their ranking of the ten Friends seasons, and picked "The Last One" as its highlight.[1] The final episode was watched by over 52.46 million people and is the 4th most watched episode in TV history.

Joey's agent Estelle dies, but the group doesn't want to tell him as it could push him over the edge after all the recent changes he's witnessed. Phoebe impersonates Estelle's voice and pretends to still be alive to try to get Joey to fire her, but Joey ends up terrified when he gets a phone call from 'Estelle' after learning about her death. While being shown their new home by their realtor (Jane Lynch), Monica and Chandler are horrified to find that Janice (Maggie Wheeler) is considering buying the house next door to them, leading Chandler to take drastic measures to ensure she doesn't move in. Ross tries to get Rachel her old job back so she won't have to move to Paris. However, when he succeeds, Rachel becomes upset that, although she won't have to leave her friends, she won't be able to visit the 'Fashion Capital of the World'. In the end, Ross persuades her to do what she wants to do. 041b061a72


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