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[S3E21] And The Wedding Cake Cake Cake

A girl who likes Max's cupcakes hires Max to make her wedding cake. Max who is still reeling from her break up, is hesitant to do it. She does it but the bride is constantly changing her mind about the cake and her marriage.

[S3E21] And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake


Caroline finds out that she and Max owe Uncle Sam $1500 when she does their taxes (one of the few times she gets to use her degree in finance). They get paid $1300 for the cake (well for Styrofoam wrapped in fondant) and so they had to take $200 from their total to pay off the said $1500. As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with the math.

2 Broke Girls had a special guest star in Lindsay Lohan this week. Max and Caroline meet Claire (Lohan) and her fiancee when they come to buy cupcakes. Claire wants to hire them to make their wedding cake, which Caroline says could make them up to $1300. Claire's fiance tells her to do whatever she wants because he doesn't want to talk about the cake anymore. "He doesn't want to do the cake stuff, I don't want to do the butt stuff," Claire says.The problem? Claire is crazy and "changes her mind as she's changing her mind." Despite not wanting to work with Claire, Max agrees to make a wedding cake for the fickle bride and Caroline gets multiple calls a day from Claire who can't decide on what style of cake she wants - or much of anything else.

Pastry Chef Max ends up building a gorgeous wedding cake, which they decide to carry on the subway. The cake is super heavy but the girls are determined to make it to Claire's wedding. On the subway, they spot a seat to put the cake down on but a feisty old lady makes it there before they do. "I blame science," Max says, "People shouldn't be living this long." After a small snafu, aka Caroline sticking her arm through one tier of the cake, they are able to fix the cake and bring it to the wedding venue. The stressed out wedding planner meets them near the cake. Max uses her typical sarcasm, to which the wedding planner responds, "You think because I'm fake smiling, I won't throw you down the stairs?" Max responds gleefully, "You do that, do you have a card?" Unfortunately they wedding planner won't give them their check until Claire walks down the aisle.

Meet award-winning pastry chef and cake decorator Buddy Valastro and his over-the-top family at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. After beginning a week completely jam-packed with cake orders, Buddy gets a call from a customer he cannot possibly turn down. Brides Magazine is offering Buddy an inside cover photo spread but he's going to have to create a cake unlike any he's ever done before. Between arguing with his family, producing the standard 300-plus cakes the bakery makes in any given week and running out of sugar, is there any way Buddy and Company are going to get this opportunity of a lifetime cake done in time? All the while Buddy's sisters are planning to throw their brother a surprise birthday party.

Buddy and his team learn that where there's smoke, there's fire when they have to build a fire engine cake complete with working lights, siren and smoke. They also have to create a 30th birthday cake for two trendy fashionistas. This week also marks the 15th anniversary of Buddy's father's death so emotions are high as he recreates his father's trademark cake for the family memorial dinner.

It's one of the busiest weeks of the year at Carlo's Bakery with orders pouring in for Easter, and a last-minute Easter Bunny cake turns into more than the team bargained for. There are also three members of the family celebrating birthdays this week and Buddy's sister Grace, who's never cooked for the family before, decides she's going to make Easter dinner.

The team at Carlo's is hoping not to get whacked when they're asked to make a huge roulette table cake for a local businessman. It's also the start of wedding season and the time-consuming wedding cake orders are piling up. A mix-up by the sisters not keeping cake orders organized throws Buddy off the handle when a customer comes in to pick up a cake that's not ready.

It's another busy week at Carlo's Bakery but Buddy can't say no to making a charity bi-plane cake for a local hospital. An unreasonable Bridezilla makes everyone's life difficult after the bakery crew makes a cake that she's not pleased with and Stretch, the bakery's delivery driver, plots a revenge prank against Buddy with unexpected results.

Buddy is thrown out of his comfort zone when he's asked to make a zombie cake for a couple of undead clients. This week the team also has to make an erotic bachelorette cake for some wild women. This cake seems likes it's going to be all fun and games until Mama finds out and bans the bakery staff from making sexy cakes.

Buddy is excited to create an old-school wedding cake like the kind his father used to make; tall, ornate and filled with... live birds?! A dad-to-be comes to the bakery to order a giant lobster tail pastry for his pregnant wife. Little Frankie goes on a mission to catch live birds for the wedding cake.

The Carlo's team gets to take a field trip to a local museum for a prehistoric mammal cake. A Sweet 16 cake proves to be more work than anyone planned on and Frankie makes and decorates a cake all by himself for a very hard to please client...Mary!

Buddy and Company are like kids loose in a toy store, literally, when they are asked to make an FAO Schwarz-themed cake for a twins birthday party at the store. They also have a beach-themed cake to create for a local beach club and Buddy and his main men challenge the sisters to a weight-loss challenge.

The Carlo's team has a unique and challenging cake to make this week, a traditional Chinese dragon cake for a dragon boat racing team. It's also a big week at the bakery preparing hundreds of cannoli shells for the annual $.25 Throw Back Cannoli Day and on top of all that, Buddy and Lisa are celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary.

Buddy is used to putting out fires, not starting them, but all that changes when he's asked to make a tiki cake that spits fire. Buddy also has to make a bridal shower cake for his sister-in-law and Mauro challenges him to ice a cake while blindfolded...or he'll have to walk around the bakery in a grass skirt and coconut bra!

Buddy has to channel his inner-Italian to create a Leaning Tower of Pisa wedding cake. Then, he gets into hot water when he must pull together a show stopping lobster bake-themed cake at the last second after a client mixes up the date!

A fellow family owned business asks Buddy and the Carlo's team to honor their patriarch by creating a special cake featuring their company's product...fireworks! It's also "Bring Your Dad to School Day" at Buddy's son's school and he's got a surprise for all the kids.

In the second season premiere, Buddy and his crew are given the task of making a cake with the theme of poisonous plants. Also, a customer wants to propose at the shop so Buddy makes a cake in the shape of an engagement box.

Buddy's invited to join in on a celebrity billiards tournament for whom he's making a pool table cake, and painters pay for their awesome paint-themed cake by repainting the bakery, which is an agreeable arrangement till Mary re-determines the color choice.

Buddy's latest challenge: build a functional robot cake. Additionally, Buddy's niece Tessy wants a tie-dye cake from her uncle for her 8th birthday but also wants him to deliver it at a skating rink while on rollers skates, and little Cousin Buddy gives Cousin Anthony grief while accompanying him on deliveries.

General Buddy and his team of cake soldiers really want to impress their client this week when they create a massive cake for the US Air Force. The guys get their groove on while making a dance-themed cake and the girls get into a catfight.

Buddy's got a real loudmouth in the bakery this week but it's not a customer, it's a talking cake! Then, when Buddy is tasked with a cage fighting cake, his teenage nephew is inspired to challenge Frankie to a wrestling match.

After making a buffet-style cake for Major League Eating, the bakery heavyweights are challenged to an eating contest. While making a cake for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, one of Frankie's biggest fears is exposed.

Buddy and his crew create a holiday-themed cake for drag queen Miss Richfield 1981; Buddy is begged by cousin Anthony and Stretch to let them deliver a cake to a party full of women, but the boss has a trick up his sleeve.

It's a race against the clock at the bakery when the crew tries to make 50 wedding cakes in just seven days. Buddy aims to impress with his most elaborate wedding cake yet, but delivering it proves to be a challenge for Anthony.

An apple-tree cake for a local orchard inspires Buddy to try a new recipe. Meanwhile, Mary doesn't think Buddy's giving her 40th birthday cake enough attention, so she threatens to go to another baker.

Buddy and his brothers-in-law Mauro, Remy, and Joe invade the set of Ultimate Cake-Off for a friendly competition in order to see who will win the opportunity to have their cake displayed in the front window of the bakery to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Buddy's Italian speaking skills are put to the test as he has to make an authentic tiramisu for a client who has family visiting from Italy. In addition, a knight comes to the bakery to ask for a cake for his king and queen, and challenges Buddy to a joust.

A funeral hearse is made for a surprise cake. A mother and daughter cannot agree on a theme for a Sweet 16 cake, with one desiring an Egyptian theme, and the other a more girlish fashion-oriented theme. An animal-themed cake is made for an Indian baby shower.

Buddy has to make a cake for a Marie Antoinette party, a "cravings" cake for his sister, Lisa Gonzalez, for her baby shower. Mauro faces a short health care crisis. The rest of the clan is concerned while Mauro claims it to be "no big deal."

It's Easter time and the shop is busy as ever. Buddy makes a sandwich cake for the 100th anniversary of Fiore's, a sandwich shop next to the original Carlo's Bakery. Joey, Sal, and Cousin Anthony make items for the bakery in honor of St. Joseph's Day, and Buddy and Maddelena stage an intervention for Mauro, convincing him to make lifestyle changes to become more healthy. 041b061a72


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