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Kingroot Apk 4.4.2 For Lollipop

I am trying to install Towelroot on my Note 3 (AT&T, Android4.4.2) but when I click on the lambda symbol all I get are endless pop-ups. Can anyone please explain or assist with this issue? Thank you all inadvance

Kingroot apk 4.4.2 for lollipop

I'm having the same "not supported" with my AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (version 4.4.4). I'm thinking it's because of the fairly recent update from 4.4.2 to the 4.4.4 is the reason, so I'm wondering when the app will include the new version. Very soon I hope!

I am currently using Samsung Tab 3 SM-T211 and failed to root my device using Kingroot.1. My device has never been upgraded its firmware. Currently using the 4.4.2 version.2. I have connected to the Internet while rooting.3. I have installed the latest ver of Kingroot (8.0)

it says for me that root access unavailable in kingroot with an android face above and a window pops up saying authorizations bla bla bla something about security has been tampered. my version is android 6.0.1

Android 4.1.1 for me,kingroot completed its setup installation upto 100% but when i checked that is my phone rooted or not using root checker,it told me that my phone has not been rooted,even though kingroot says that my phone is rooted,why?

My mobile is the vivo v5s and version is 7.0 nought but before downgraded 6,0 marshmallow version not working kingroot apps this device.Root failed and strategy not found and request.Please help me and how to root very easy to use the kingroot apps.Email-[email protected]

Hi, after Kingo ROOT (KingoRoot) exe file the app developer developed KingoRoot for Android phones and tablets. Now, Kingo Android Root is available in APK format (Android Application Package) with extra features and functions to free download and install for Android Smartphones and tablets. Sep 04, 2019 Restarting of the device automatically, these are some reasons you need to root your device and install new firmware files instead of old corrupt firmware files. Tap the download button at the end of this post, install this king root 4.4.2 APK on your system. If the download button is not working or expired, comment down in comment section area. Mar 21, 2016 It can root almost all Android smartphones which are running on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system or versions before that! If you are using a smartphone which is running on Android 4.4 or any version before KitKat, you can download Towelroot app (.apk file) from here and root. Download and install KingoRoot.apk to root your Android device without connecting to PC.

Today I updated my Allview Viper L to 4.4.2. Up untill this point the "Unfortunately the launcher has stopped working" message would appear only when I would try to edit the Desktop. After the update it kept on appearing. Rebooted the phone, powered off and on, took out the battery but the error still appeared.

HOWEVER, I noticed that tapping and swiping down on the upper side of the screen allowed me to reach the Settings. From there I went to System Backup and backed up my data(contacts, call log,calendar etc) to my SD card. Afterwards I went to Backup & reset and tapped on Factory data reset, tapped on Format phone storage and then, finally, hit Reset phone. Now it's working perfectly: it's still updated to 4.4.2, I have all my data, music and the rest

Thank you very much for this guide, the only help I could install applications an external SD card. Advise me where I have to make a change in the system so I can play music from an external SD card or to my music player found on exerní SD card. GT-I9506 Kitkat 4.4.2 Root

Hi +Chainfire in this article you mention that the CF-Auto Root files have also been updated to reflect the recent changes to the SuperSU app. I have a Galaxy S4 model SPH-L720 on software version L720VPUFNG2; running android 4.4.2 and is on the Sprint Network. When checking you site: , I have noticed that the root files available for the Sprint SPH-L720 is still the previous software version: L720VPUFNAE; I was wondering if the updated version L720VPUFNG2 is or can be flashed so that I can get root access to my Galaxy phone once again.

Ich habe heute mal die polnische lollipop auf meine galaxy s5 geflasht alles ohne Problem hatte vorher mein s5 komplett formatiert und Dan sauber die polniscHe lollipop Firmware gebügelt als ich fertig War habe ich sofort gleich mit odin 3 gerooted alles ohne Problem gelaufen als ich erste mal supersu rechte verwenet hatte für Lucky ging alles ohne Problem als ich nächste sdmaind nutzen wollte mit root recht ging nicht mehr stand was von neu Firmware und mein g900f aber root geht leider nur wen man oft neu startet kann mir vielleicht weiter helfen ..

Hello Mr. Chainfire Here you have my report of supersu V2.39 ... Personally I had extra Today the Polish firmware Rome remain only to be told whether now with your lätzte supersu V2.39 beta Root granted rights of my Galaxy s5 g900f in Polish Firmware 5.0 lollipop. and in fact now remains the firmware Root obtain rights and had extra-times more neugestarten the mobile phone and the root remains fixed without any delay all great now are the best:-) Thank you

Hey Chainfire. I have tried twice to root my S5 running lollipop on the rogers network using CF-Auto-Root-kltecan-kltevl-smg900w8 and it has failed. When i say failed i mean it seems to root the device but then SU asks to update the SU binary. I select normal install of binary but it fails. When i reboot the device it gets stuck at the Samsung logo. Not sure what to do. Anyone got any ideas?

Dear chainfire l have rooted my bq aquaris E5 FHD with kingroot and superuser binaries are not able to be updated. What can I do? I want to use supersu like my other devices. I have the pro and root remains with updates.


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