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Window inserts fit over the existing interior window. Some, like the ones from Indow, are held in place using compression tubing, creating a tight seal around the window frame without damaging the window or the frame. Indow inserts are made with acrylic, which has much higher insulation properties than glass. So, even if installed in front of windows with small cracks or poorly sealed windows, the inserts will eliminate drafts and improve the overall energy efficiency of the home.

[TOP] Mister Retro Permanent Press Crack


As if that wasn't enough, Chan then broke his hand filming "The Protector" later that year. In 1986, Chan fractured his skull on a rock while filming "Armour of God." A fragment of his skull even cracked off and lodged in his brain, leaving him with hearing loss and a permanent hole in his skull requiring a plug. Chan then dislocated his sternum while shooting the film's sequel "Armour of God II" in 1991. And his legs were crushed between two cars while filming a stunt scene for "Crime Story" in 1993.


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