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Multi Diag Key Update Exe

At work we have access to a large set of Windows servers, and weve been trying to clean up some Windows Update failures. There are a lot of servers that are running Windows Server 2012 R2 and they dont have SP1 installed yet, and all attempts to install the Microsoft Update Agent (MUA) fail. When we try to install the Microsoft Update Agent, it fails with the following error:Possible causes of this error could be that you do not have enough space on the local computer to install the necessary Microsoft update files. This can happen when you try to install an update to Windows that is larger than 20 MB. We think this is the main cause of the issue.Ive used various techniques to try and clean this up over the past couple months, but most of them leave the server vulnerable to the other problems that cant get cleaned up.I would like to try this KB article: wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of issue. Is it something I can install to try to clean up Windows Update, or is this something I should throw away and start over?Thanks,Clayton

Multi Diag Key Update Exe

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durgaprasad, thank you for your help. I have tried the following fixes, but am not sure if they will work. Ive - Updated Device Manager to its latest version (11.3.9600.18977) - Uninstalled and reinstalled Device Manager - Purged device driver cache and registry - Ran various fixes from the Microsoft page you provided If I disable device driver signing and attempt to install the update, I get this error: 5E3A0B8A-D8B9-4E62-8F18-62FDE1AB5DDB Also, Device Manager says that the update is already installed and ready to be updated, and there are no updates for the update. Ive tried searching for this update KB, but havent found it, so Im wondering if someone can help me find the update KB, or have another solution. Thanks! -Durgaprasad


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