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Devoted to Emerald: Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance Novella (Jewels of the West Series Book 2) by Grace Fisher - Read Online

Devoted to Emerald: A Review of the Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance Novella by Grace Fisher

If you are looking for a sweet and heartwarming historical western romance, you might want to check out Devoted to Emerald by Grace Fisher. This novella is the second book in the Jewels of the West series, but it can be read as a standalone story. It tells the story of Emerald, a young woman who escapes her tragic past by becoming a mail order bride, and Avery, a widowed rancher who needs a mother for his two daughters. In this review, I will tell you why this book is worth reading for fans of this genre.

Emerald: Devoted to Emerald (Mail Order Bride - Jewels of the West Book 2)


Emerald's backstory and motivation for becoming a mail order bride

Emerald had a happy life until she lost her parents and her fiancé in a fire. She was left alone and penniless, with no one to care for her except her uncle, who had ulterior motives. He wanted to marry her off to his friend, who was old enough to be her grandfather, or worse, keep her for himself. Emerald was desperate to escape her uncle's clutches, so when she saw an ad for a mail order bride in the newspaper, she decided to take a chance. She wrote to Avery, a rancher from Montana, who was looking for a wife and a mother for his two daughters. She hoped that he would be kind and respectful, and that she would find happiness in her new home.

Avery's backstory and motivation for seeking a mail order bride

Avery had a loving wife and two beautiful daughters, until his wife died giving birth to their third child, who also didn't survive. He was left heartbroken and lonely, with no one to help him raise his girls. He tried to do his best as a father and a rancher, but he felt overwhelmed by his responsibilities. He wanted someone to share his life with, someone who would love him and his daughters as their own. He didn't expect to fall in love again, but he hoped to find a compatible partner. He placed an ad for a mail order bride in the newspaper, hoping to get the best candidate possible.

The first meeting and impression of Emerald and Avery

Emerald and Avery agreed to meet at the train station in Montana, after exchanging a few letters. They were both nervous and excited to see each other for the first time. When they finally met, they were pleasantly surprised by each other's appearance and demeanor. Emerald was a beautiful young woman with emerald green eyes and long brown hair. Avery was a handsome and rugged man with blue eyes and dark hair. They felt an instant attraction and a spark of chemistry. They also liked each other's personality and manners. They were polite and friendly, but also shy and reserved. They didn't know much about each other, but they were willing to give their marriage a chance.

The development of Emerald and Avery's relationship

Emerald and Avery got married soon after arriving at Avery's ranch. They had a simple ceremony at the local church, with only a few witnesses. They didn't have a honeymoon, but they moved into Avery's cabin, where they shared a bedroom. They started to get to know each other better, by talking about their past and their present. They learned that they had some things in common, such as their love for nature and animals, and their faith in God. They also learned that they had some differences, such as their opinions on certain matters, and their habits and preferences. They respected each other's views and choices, and tried to compromise when necessary. They also grew closer emotionally and physically. They shared tender kisses and hugs, and eventually consummated their marriage. They felt a deep connection and a growing affection for each other.

The conflict and resolution of Emerald and Avery's relationship

Emerald and Avery's relationship was not without its challenges. They had to deal with some external and internal conflicts that threatened their happiness. One of the external conflicts was Avery's eldest daughter, Lily, who was not happy with Emerald's presence. She was still grieving for her mother, and she didn't want anyone to replace her. She was cold and rude to Emerald, and tried to sabotage her efforts to bond with her and her sister, Rose. Emerald was hurt by Lily's behavior, but she understood her pain. She tried to be patient and loving with her, hoping to win her trust and acceptance. Another external conflict was Emerald's uncle, who followed her to Montana, after finding out that she had run away. He wanted to take her back, or worse, harm her for disobeying him. He confronted Emerald at the ranch, and tried to kidnap her. Avery came to her rescue, and fought off her uncle. He protected Emerald from harm, and made sure that her uncle would never bother her again.

One of the internal conflicts was Avery's guilt over his feelings for Emerald. He loved his deceased wife, and he felt like he was betraying her memory by falling in love with another woman. He also felt like he was moving on too fast, and that he didn't deserve to be happy again. He tried to hide his feelings from Emerald, afraid of hurting her or himself. Emerald sensed that something was wrong with Avery, but she didn't know how to help him. She loved him, but she didn't want to pressure him or push him away. She waited for him to open up to her, hoping that he would trust her with his heart.

The conflicts were resolved when Emerald and Avery faced their fears and doubts, and confessed their true feelings for each other. They realized that they were meant to be together, and that they had nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. They accepted each other's past, and embraced each other's present. They declared their love for each other, and vowed to cherish each other for the rest of their lives.


Devoted to Emerald is a lovely historical western romance novella that will warm your heart and make you smile. It has a captivating plot, engaging characters, sweet romance, suspenseful drama, and a happy ending. It is well-written, with vivid descriptions, realistic dialogues, and smooth transitions. It is also clean and wholesome, with no explicit scenes or vulgar language. It is suitable for readers of all ages who enjoy historical fiction with a touch of romance.

I enjoyed reading this book very much, and I recommend it to anyone who likes mail order bride stories or historical western romance in general. It is a quick and easy read that will keep you entertained for an hour or two.

If you are interested in reading this book, you can find it on Amazon or Goodreads . You can also check out the other books in the Jewels of the West series by Grace Fisher. I hope you will give this book a try, and let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading my review!


  • Q: Is this book based on a true story?

  • A: No, this book is a fictional story created by the author, Grace Fisher. However, it is inspired by the historical phenomenon of mail order brides in the American West.

  • Q: How long is this book?

  • A: This book is a novella, which means it is shorter than a novel but longer than a short story. It has about 100 pages and 20,000 words.

  • Q: What is the genre of this book?

  • A: This book is a historical western romance, which means it is set in the past (in this case, the late 19th century) and in the western region of the United States (in this case, Montana). It also focuses on the romantic relationship between the main characters, Emerald and Avery.

  • Q: What are the other books in the Jewels of the West series?

A: The other books in the Jewels of the West series are:

  • Book 1: Devoted to Ruby - The story of Ruby, a mail order bride who marries a sheriff in Texas.

  • Book 3: Devoted to Pearl - The story of Pearl, a mail order bride who marries a doctor in Colorado.

  • Book 4: Devoted to Sapphire - The story of Sapphire, a mail order bride who marries a miner in Nevada.

  • Book 5: Devoted to Diamond - The story of Diamond, a mail order bride who marries a banker in California.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about the author, Grace Fisher?

  • A: You can find more information about the author, Grace Fisher, on her website, her Facebook page, or her Amazon author page. You can also contact her by email at



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