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Best Buy Apple Repair !FULL!

If you have your receipt, it shows the date of purchase at the top. Provide them a copy of the receipt. They cannot reject you if you are within the 1-year warrenty and if it falls under the coverage of that warrenty. The repair center will be the ones resposible to notate the seriel upon performing the work so as to validate any other claims you make against that particular machine. The copy of the receipt you give should also be aattached to the files associated with that machine aswell.

best buy apple repair

The repair center here in the Philippines insists that without the serial number in the receipt, they cannot change the date of purchase. It's a good thing I had to send it to Geek Squad otherwise I wouldn't have proof. I just don't know why they are not satisfied with the receipt. So much hassle.

Replacement equipment that Apple provides as part of the repair or replacement service may contain new or previously used genuine Apple parts that have been tested and pass Apple functional requirements.

I want to share my experience regarding latest visit to best buy's geek squad ( NY 5th Ave ) vs Apple store ( NY 5th Ave) . I had very low volume issue on my iphone 6s and was not able to hear anything while making calls . Whereas it was working absolutely fine with headphones / Loud speaker . So i scheduled nearest apple support store visit which was best buy's geek squad . The lady was so casual and she ran diagnostic in my phone and said receiver is faulty and we need to replace it and it will cost 99$ + taxes . it would take 2 hours . She also restored all my settings. I was not satisfied so i scheduled another visit to Apple store this time . The guy in store ran same diagnostic and said sir something wrong in it but i would like to clean it properly and give a shot . He also said if the receiver is faulty we will replace it in 59$ + taxes . He went inside ,cleaned it properly and Bingo ,the phone's volume was working fine . It costs me nothing for assistance and i was pretty happy.

Past that GeekSquad is a scam, they enforce a 3 hr repair time for any fix, so if you computer was unplugged and that was the problem you will be charged for 3 hrs of labor. They are an Apple Authorized Repair center, and there are 100 others in NYC, they are an alternative to Apple if you don't have an Apple Store near you or you just want another provider to assist you, but Apple did not outsource anyone in lieu of their own support.

Apple last week announced the launch of a new Self Repair program, which is designed to allow iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE owners to repair their devices on their own using manuals, tools, and replacement parts sourced directly from Apple.

Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.We were curious how the Self Service Repair program works and how it compares to the simplicity of bringing a product in to Apple for repair, so we had MacRumors videographer Dan Barbera order up a repair kit to replace the battery of his iPhone 12 mini.

Dan describes himself as the opposite of a handyman and he's never done an iPhone repair before, so we thought he'd be the perfect representation of the average consumer who just wants to save some money by doing DIY repairs.

To start out with, we ordered a kit and components on the day that the program went live, and received it not too long after, so the turnaround time for what we needed was fairly quick. It's worth noting that for most of the repairs, you need the parts and Apple's repair kit. The repair kit comes in two separate packages, and the two boxes weigh in at a whopping 79 pounds. You get it for a week before you need to send it back via UPS, or else Apple charges you $1300.

Note that you can order the parts alone without the tool kit, but Apple's repair manual instructs users to use tools in the kit that they wouldn't otherwise have on hand, such as an Apple-designed battery press.

You can purchase all of the tools individually so you have them on hand for repairs, but Apple's components are expensive. A battery press is $115, a torque driver is $99, a heated display removal pocket is $116, and a display press is $216, and all of these are needed for battery removal according to Apple's repair manual.

It is not cost effective for someone who wants to make a single repair to use anything but the rental kit, though some of the individual part purchases will make sense for repair outlets who want to get their hands on Apple-designed tools.

As for the actual repair process, Dan found it to be difficult, even with Apple's instructions and tools. It was frustrating to get into, and there were components missing from the kit that were required by the manual, such as tweezers and heat protective gloves.

Dan needed to go to the store on two separate occasions to get more supplies, and because of this, the repair took the better part of the day. Dealing with adhesive was time consuming and almost put a stop to the self repair.

Overall, for the layperson, it's probably better to take your phone to a professional for repair rather than attempting to fix it yourself. This is especially true of repairs for things like the battery and the display, which are generally cheaper to have Apple replace.

If you're feeling brave, you can save some cash if you need a camera, Taptic Engine, or speaker repair, but make sure to study the manual and know what you're getting into. It's well worth watching Dan's full video up above to get a complete picture of the repair process and what's involved.

With no choice but to pay for an expensive repair or buy a new Mac, iPad or iPhone, consumers frequently choose to replace their Apple product. The problem is that, according to the Right to Repair website, over 53 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced each year, and only a fraction of this is recycled.

Apple is by no means the only electronics company guilty of making hard to fix products that end up being thrown away before their time, but it can certainly do its part by improving the repairability of its products, and making repairs easier and cheaper.

Starts at 136.44/$129 for an iPhone 6, rising to 316.44/$329 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max (once it is out of warranty). You can see all the prices here. If you have AppleCare+ the repair is free for the first two incidences, but you need to pay 25 for any additional screen repairs.

Starts at 49/$49 for iPhone SE, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and the 2nd generation iPhone SE handsets. Battery repair for the iPhone X, XS, SR, 11 and 12 series iPhones is 69/$69. If your iPhone is still in the one year warranty period, or you have AppleCare+ the repair is free. More information here.

The price of a screen repair depends on whether you have AppleCare+ cover. If you purchase AppleCare+ for Mac then for three years from your AppleCare+ purchase date you will have cover for two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months, each subject to a service fee which is 79/$99 for screen damage and 229/$299 for other damage. More here.

Apple has improved the repairability of the iPhone in terms of the screen and battery, but what of its other products? Replacing a screen on an iPad is not as simple as on an iPhone, for example, and the price is a lot higher.

Hopefully that will change. The EU backed Right to Repair movement and is aiming to put in place laws that will make it compulsory for new devices to be easier to repair due. Hopefully leading manufacturers to build products with removable and replaceable parts.

As a result of this campaign, French legislation has already forced Apple to label products to show a repairability score. The result of the changes should lead to more reparable products with extended lifespans so that they are less likely to end up in landfill early.

However, since launch of the iPhone XS and XR, repair companies and home fixers have found that it is no longer possible to change the battery without finalising the change using System Configuration, an online tool Apple makes available to its own stores and authorised repair companies.

According to iFixit the 16in MacBook Pro is not one to recommend. They give it just 1/10 for repairability, noting that the processor, RAM, and flash memory are all soldered to the logic board, making replacement difficult. They also note that glue and/or rivets secure the keyboard, battery, speakers, and Touch Bar, so those repairs would also be difficult. Also the Touch ID sensor is the power switch and locked to the logic board and paired with the T2 chip, which would make repairs of that component difficult.

The Apple Watch Series 6 gets a repairability score of 6/10 from iFixit. The screen and battery are reasonably straightforward to replace. The main complaint is that many of the component cables are mounted directly to the S6 and require skilled microsoldering if they are damaged.

There are other places to get your iPad screen fixed, but choosing a non-Apple repair shop will void your warranty. And yes, Apple can tell if a non-Apple employee has opened up your iPad. But if you're out of warranty anyway, there's a number of third-party Apple repair places that can fix your iPad's shattered screen.

Local mom-and-pop computer repair stores (yes, they still exist) are often a good place to try for a third-party repair. Just check for reviews and get a solid quote up-front. We recently profiled a handful of independent computer shops in New York, many of which specialize in Apple repairs.

Expect to pay between $250 and $499 for Series 7 screen replacements, $220 to $499 for Series 6 screen repairs and $200 to $249 for Apple Watch SE and Series 5. Repair costs for older models range between $120 and $399, depending on the watch and whether Apple or an independent repair shop completes the repair. Screen replacement costs for Edition models can be significantly higher, up to $800. 041b061a72


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