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Computer Algorithms Introduction To Design And Analysis Sara Baase.pdf

For those of you who are waiting for your textbook to be delivered,here are some pdf scans of the pages relevant to our first homework assignment: Page 15 of Baase and Page 36 of Baase. If these appear mangled, here are the jpeg versions of those pages: JPEG Page 15 of Baase and JPEG Page 36 of Baase. JPEG Page 63 of Baase. Here is a downloadable text filecontaining some lecture notes pertaining to Chapter 1.[Print this if you need a little more time to get the Lecture notesfrom Cal Copy (see below).]This one time *only* I am posting a link toa homework assignment on the web.I won't do that for future assignments; send me your email addressif you want to hear about info for the rest of the course.This first assignment is due on 9/5/19; the results will be usedto determine satisfaction of prerequisites [for those apparentlylacking the prerequisites].Syllabus Information:Send mail,to let me know your name and the email address to whichyou would like your course grades sent(I will email your grades to you at various points during the semester,and this will help ensure I send the right grades to the right address.I will also use this address to email homework assignments and hints.I don't expect to use the Blackboard website for this class.)[Not-yet-registered students are welcome to email me as well, even though itmay be a while before we get the waitlist situation sorted out.]Text:Computer Algorithms: Introduction to Design and Analysis,Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder (Third Edition)Aztec Shops says they have this in stock, but you can almost certainlyfind it cheaper on the Internet. ISBN: 0201612445Notes:A collection of the annotated programs and diagrams presented in class.Available at Cal Copy (5187 College Ave, 619-582-9949)Course Content:Algorithm analysis,induction,recursion and recurrence relations,sorting and selection,graph algorithms,introduction to NP-completeness and approximation algorithms.Prerequisites:CS310 (Data Structures) and Math245 (Discrete Mathematics).You must know the material in these courses,and the courses they depend on (e.g., Calculus),or you will be lost.Grading:Most assignments will involve mathematical analysis,and hence be turned in much as you would in any math class.(It does not have to be typeset,but it must be clear enough for me to follow.)Assignments will comprise 1/4 of your grade,the final will be worth 1/2, and the midterm will account for 1/4 of your grade. _exam_schedule/fall_2019_final_exam_schedulesays that our final is scheduled forTuesday, December 17 from 1pm to 3pm (for Fall 2019).Policies:Homework and programming assignments are intended tohelp you learn. Talking over your ideas and problems with otherpeople in the class is very helpful.You may discuss ideas, butyou must do your own work and write up your own solutions and programs.In particular, you may NOT work on an assignment (or a program) as a team.Using another person's work is cheating.Copying a program from a book is plagiarism, just like copying from a paperfor a humanities class, unless you give an appropriate citation.If you are indoubt about where the border line is for our assignments, ASK ME.It should go without saying (butpast experience suggests saying it) that copying on exams, homework,or other forms of cheating will be dealt with severely.Automatic failure of the course is guaranteed in such cases,and sanctions can include expulsion from the university.If an assignment is copied (or developed as a team),BOTH parties will fail the course(so, if someone asks to copy your work, point them at this paragraph :-)Your assignments are due at the beginning of classon the day specified on the assignment.To maintain fairness and uniformity of grading,I cannot accept late assignments.Similarly, there will be nomake-up exams. In unusual circumstances (to be determined by me).you might be allowed to take an oral makeup at the end of the semester.If you know in advance that you will miss an exam,see me about it in advance.Note the date of our final exam now;don't make plans that conflict with the final.Note in particular that the university policy described in _exam_schedule/fall_2019_final_exam_scheduleprohibits taking the final early.Home CS560/No Frames

Computer Algorithms Introduction To Design And Analysis Sara Baase.pdf

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Drawing upon combined decades of teaching experience, Professors Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder have extensively revised this best seller to make it the most current and accessible choice for any algorithms course. The new Third Edition features the addition of new topics and exercises and an increased emphasis on algorithm design techniques such as divide-and-conquer and greedy algorithms. It continues the tradition of solid mathematical analysis and clear writing style that made it so popular in previous editions.


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