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Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition

The Vault Hunters finally arrive at the Vault only moments too late to stop Steele from using the Key. When the Vault opens, a giant monster emerges and wipes out Steele and the rest of her troops. The Guardian Angel explains that the monster is called the "Destroyer" and was imprisoned in the Vault long ago by the Eridians, the alien race who left behind the ruins and created the Vault, in order to prevent the destruction of the universe, and that the Guardians were posted to prevent anyone from opening it. Although the Vault Hunters kill the Destroyer, the Vault is re-sealed for another 200 years. The Guardian Angel is revealed to be transmitting her signals through a Hyperion satellite in orbit high above Pandora. The game ends with the satellite sending a signal to a Claptrap robot on the planet, changing it into an "Interplanetary Ninja Assassin" (continued in the plot of the DLC Claptrap's New Robot Revolution).

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

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The game's development started around 2005, internally pitched as "Halo meets Diablo".[18] The initial period involved Pitchford selling his team on the idea of the FPS-RPG hybrid, and eventually determining that the FPS genre would be the defining genre for the game.[18] The game's art style was initially more realistic, with visual ideas inspired partially by the Gears of War and Mass Effect series.[18] The team expanded and prepared for releasing the game's first public reveal in September 2007 via a Game Informer cover story, with trailers to be shown in the following year's E3 and other game conventions, building atop a modified Unreal Engine 3.[18][9] Elements that were planned at the time of that cover story but that did not make the final game included procedurally generated "loot caves", and the ability to hire non-playable character mercenaries to help in combat. Further, the game initially had three Vault hunters; Brick had not been included yet, as Gearbox thought that it would be interesting in the co-op to have two or more players playing the same characters but with persistent improvements that the players had made to them.[19]

When this first came out, the cell shading put me off playing.......until my brother convinced me a few years later to purchase the handsome collection. After playing everything available I was in love with the games. I felt gutted and annoyed that I'd missed the opportunity to play the first game. So, when I found out this was releasing, I knew I'd buy it day one. I'm hoping to get started over the weekend. I plan on replaying borderlands 2 before September, but using my PSVR. I think I might have to just pack up and move to Pandora lol

Without head-to-head comparisons, the initial impression when loading up the GOTY edition is that this is classic Borderlands just as you remember it - and it's fair to say that the game's cel-shaded style still manages to hold up today. The key visual upgrade is indeed to texture quality, with much more detail - and this may account for a 19GB download size on PC up against the original's 12GB. Lighting and colour grading also seems significantly punchier too up against the older version.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:'Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot' is a wave defence mode that has been justifiably lambasted over the years as it is very long-winded and provides no tangible reward for completion, other than its achievements. This DLC consists of three 'Challenges' which are basically three wave defence arenas. Each will have a small and a large challenge and the achievements; "Small Tournament", "Hell-Burbia", "The Angelic Ruins", "The Gully" and "Big Tournament" are for completing the three small challenges, then completing each large challenge, then for having completed all three large challenges, respectively.The best way to tackle this DLC is to sign in a second account and start the game with it. Then sign in your main account as the second player. With the first account start the game with a new character and get through the tutorial to Fyrestone so that you can use the New-U station to fast travel and then travel to 'The Underdome'. Then quit out and start that same game again only this time log in your main account with a high level character and join the game as the second player, making sure the host is the second account with a low level character. Doing this ensures the enemies remain at a very low level and your main high level character has almost no chance of being killed, since if you die and fail a round, then you will need to start the entire challenge again.The three small challenges should take around an hour to an hour and a half to complete all three, then each large challenge should take around two and a half to three hours each.

2K Games and Gearbox Software today announced that theextravasplosive video game gun-fest - BorderlandsTM Game of the Year edition - is now available for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft andPlayStation3 computer entertainment system for 29.99, and forWindows PC for 24.99. The Borderlands Game of the Yearpackage comes complete with the best-selling Borderlandsstand-alone game, its entire downloadable add-on library, afold-out map and membership certificate to enter the Duke NukemForever First Access Club. This certificate entitles owners to awealth of ballistic bonuses, including early access to a playabledemo of the legendary, long-awaited video game - Duke NukemForever.

One of the most notable upgrades in Borderlands remastered is the upgrade to 4k graphics. The 4k graphics go a long way in helping the game look more modern than the original, and may give fans an idea of the graphical improvements Borderlands 3 will bring to the table when it releases later this year. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has also received a 4k update, for those curious as to what that game looks like with sharper graphics.

Rolling back the years, this GOTY Edition gives those timeless cel-shaded cartoon visuals a fresh lick of paint, with better textures for modern screens. But it's the gameplay tweaks that'll make fans want to double-dip.

Every day this week, we here at Destructoid are revealing one of the five nominees for Game of the Year 2009, with the winner being announced next Monday (12/21). What game will take the crown this year? 041b061a72


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